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Configure your windows

It'll be more useful to teach how to block insecure ports in the operating system. [Niuxin]

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Checkmate, Mr. Hacker!

Memorable passwords don't mean security. [Niuxin]

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Hazardous conveniences

A smart door lock is the most hazardous. [Niuxin]

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Of kettles and men

So let the manufacturer of gadgets be puzzled by the information security of their gadget, it is better to have them at the legislative level. [GREEN]

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Smartphone or bad manners?

1-in VIBRO mode everywhere (except at home), and then on the circumstances
2-password from Wi-Fi? And they must give it to you ???
3-take pictures? Nonsense
4-do not use social networks
5 do not argue about tastes [GREEN]

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Let's go hunting, shall we?

A useful utility, although I have been using its Russified analogue of "System Explorer" for a long time [GREEN]

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Install updates if you want to keep your system healthy

My dr.web is not updating the databases
Please help me. [ali5415]

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Buy, but don't buy into it!

Unlike competitors, Dr.Web contains a set of technologies that provide everything you need for truly secure payments on the Internet. [razgen]

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Non-invasive data leaks

Never neglect to protect your databases with strong passwords even if your database software is bundled with another solution. [Неуёмный Обыватель]

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If your browser freezes

Changing these parameters may affect the operation of certain services [Неуёмный Обыватель]

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A fantastic reality

Science fiction is powerful! [Шалтай Александр Болтай]

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Inexperienced hackers

Think before use [sriganesh]

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Speak louder, we can't hear you

What invention lets you look right through a wall? [Неуёмный Обыватель]

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Is the cloud storm-free?

I use a cloud service to store information. It is convenient. [razgen]

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Dr.Web the anti-bomber

Minesweeper Dr.Web can easily cope with such bombs! [Шалтай Александр Болтай]

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A flash drive as a disguise

Thanks for this interesting article about pen drive. If you want get a personalized pen drive once try the link
[Alena Rawat]

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Hoax exposed

From these letters you should immediately get rid of. [Шалтай Александр Болтай]

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Does all code pass the smell test?

Cyber hackers prey on old disabled kill employees all let God sort them out [Lucky]

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To delete or not to delete

Any operating system is packed with a huge number of applications that most people don't need. [razgen]

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False evidence

Thanks for the article. Very useful information. [razgen]

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My folders are your folders!

Use a strong password for your user account. [razgen]

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Inside my computer

Don't forget and read corresponding instructions and guides. [razgen]

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