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Dear friends,

“The Anti-virus Times” is a Doctor Web project that provides information in a concise format.

Today’s users face all sorts of security threats. Some are common knowledge, while others make themselves known only when a system gets infected or a user becomes a victim of fraud. And still other dangers exist that people have no clue about. And, countless rumours about anti-virus applications are spread among ordinary home users and IT professionals alike!

Even experienced users and web surfers can get lost in a critical situation. How can you prevent Trojans from encrypting your files? How can you protect your child from opening a link and ending up on a site that can scare them? How can you protect your money from online theft? Of course, the answers to all these questions can be found in our analytical materials, news posts, virus reviews, and informational projects. However, ”The Anti-virus Times” project has one more goal: to ensure that people always have information about threats at their fingertips and that this information becomes an integral part of the daily news agenda, and eventually helps people behave more prudently on the Internet, makes Internet use safer, and ensures that all devices are well protected.

We believe that this concise presentation format best suits this purpose. We value your time! Visit the project pages to find tips and brief information about the most important aspects of information security. “The Anti-virus Times” is your expert guide in the world of Internet threats and other digital hazards.

Doctor Web welcomes all friends of Dr.Web and all users interested in information security issues to read ”The Anti-virus Times” on the company’s website.

Doctor Web