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The Anti-virus Times sums up the old year and congratulates users on the new one!

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Saturday, January 1, 2022

In today's pre-holiday issue of the Anti-virus Times, we would not only like to congratulate all of our readers on the upcoming New Year 2022 but also sum up some of the results of the outgoing 2021, the year Doctor Web came of age.

The whole year passed no less efficiently than the previous ones in the history of our company. Doctor Web specialists not only continued to develop new products but also regularly conducted important investigations. So, in 2021 we investigated targeted attacks on Russian research institutes and talked about vulnerabilities in children’s smart watches, In addition, we were the first to discover threats on AppGallery: in April, these were the dangerous multi-purpose Android.Joker trojans, and in NovemberAndroid.Cynos.7.origin.

Another important step we took was releasing new versions of the products you like so much. In September, Doctor Web presented to its users a new version of its free Dr.Web Light 12.0 for Android. In addition to qualitative changes made to the program’s operation, the long-awaited dark theme has appeared in the application. Dr.Web is beautiful and modern!

Perhaps one of the biggest events of 2021 was the release of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite version 13. The new version of our anti-virus product for centralised protection of all corporate network nodes and devices took all the best that was in previous generations, and the latest developments were seamlessly added to them. Today, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite is a reliable defender not only for small and medium-size enterprises but also for large ones.

Also, an important event of the outgoing year was the release of the 13th version of the Dr.Web AV-Desk software package, thanks to which Dr.Web Anti-virus is available on a subscription basis. The new functionality of the centralised protection server is designed to expand its scope and simplify administration.

Throughout 2021, Dr.Web products and services continued to gain popularity in Russia and abroad. Doctor Web attracted a multitude of new partners, and the Russian anti-virus became available to an even greater number of users in various parts of the world. As for Russia, compatibility with 9 products from the Russian Software Registry was confirmed during the year—Dr.Web continues to expand its scope of work where high data-storage security requirements exist.

During the last year, our company took part in a number of events dedicated to cybersecurity, including in the format of live communication. The year 2021 provided more opportunities for this due to the successful fight waged against coronavirus infection.

Dr.Web remains a budget-friendly anti-virus with flexible licensing options. At the same time, as is our tradition, we held many promotions this year for our users, delighting them with especially lucrative offers and gifts.

And frequent visitors to our sites could not have helped but notice that we redesigned a number of pages dedicated to Dr.Web products. We have no doubt that using our web resources has become even more pleasant and convenient!

And, finally, this year we published more than 50 issues of the Anti-virus Times project. Issues are no longer daily: in 2021, we decided to focus not on quantity, but on quality. We are sure that our materials not only broaden our readers’ horizons but also bring practical benefits.

The Anti-virus Times recommends

As we congratulate all of our readers on the upcoming 2022, we would like to recommend that you:

  • Be healthy in the New Year and here after.
  • Protect the health of your computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Keep reading the Anti-virus Times and share your thoughts in the comments.
  • Follow our news posts, don’t forget to update your anti-virus and other applications, take part in our promotions, and use Dr.Web!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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