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The Anti-virus Times sums up the old year and congratulates users on the new one!

Thanks for Company Dr.Web for it's great product and protecting so many users and companies. 2021 was a long year and many fights mostly against ransomwares, but Dr.Web protect all users in no time! Hapoy new year to all Dr.Web employees! Cheers! [Dr.Sandro]

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About the Dr.Web virus library and the importance of anti-virus updates

@Jovonne, Dr. Web Security Space does contain KATANA. You dont need to install Link Checker as Dr. Web has SpIDer Gate which takes care of all of them :) [Nabeel Mansoor]

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Extortion: What do I do if I’m being blackmailed?

Best Antivirus protection so far, I'm using it since 2015.

Dr.Web 💚💚💚 [Apurbo]

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Pre-release status: What to expect from Windows 11

"Do not hurry to upgrade to Windows 11. Instead, you might want to wait a while. You always have the opportunity to install a new OS version after it is no longer "raw" ...

No need to rush ... [GREEN]

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