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The Anti-virus Times sums up the old year and congratulates users on the new one!

Thanks for Company Dr.Web for it's great product and protecting so many users and companies. 2021 was a long year and many fights mostly against ransomwares, but Dr.Web protect all users in no time! Hapoy new year to all Dr.Web employees! Cheers! [Dr.Sandro]

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About the Dr.Web virus library and the importance of anti-virus updates

Interesting, but you bring up a question. As far as using both signature-based protection and non-signature protection, do I need to install Dr.Web KATANA if I'm already using the Dr.Web Premium subscription-based product? I was under the impression that the Dr.Web Premium subscription already included the features of KATANA.

Also, I have the Dr.Web Link Checker installed in my browser. Is this necessary if I already have the Dr.Web Premium subscription?

It's a bit confusing. I believe Dr.Web is the best, but I want to know if I'm using packages correctly. Do I need to install more than one package, or does the Dr.Web Premium subscription cover me?

If anyone has an answer that would be great.

Thanks. [Jovonne]

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Extortion: What do I do if I’m being blackmailed?

Best Antivirus protection so far, I'm using it since 2015.

Dr.Web 💚💚💚 [Apurbo]

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Pre-release status: What to expect from Windows 11

"Do not hurry to upgrade to Windows 11. Instead, you might want to wait a while. You always have the opportunity to install a new OS version after it is no longer "raw" ...

No need to rush ... [GREEN]

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Free anti-viruses: Good or bad?

"If you don't have an aunt, you won't lose her ... Think for yourself, decide for yourself whether to have or not to have."

So you yourself and only you have to decide (not aunt ...) whether to have virus protection or visibility. And if there is something to lose, then the choice is obvious. [GREEN]

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The keys to life

All advice is good, choose any :) [GREEN]

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About targeted attacks and where they occur

意見提供の場を頂き誠に有難うございます。IT PC モバイルデバイスさえ満足に操作できない私にとってこれまでの時間を費し得た情報というのは自分の今の立ち位置からの見解において述べることは言い訳にしかありません。
有難うございます [takashix_hottiri]

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Why should I restart my computer after I install updates?

@Shadowna, Won't use it anymore*. [Shadowna]

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How to configure Dr.Web Parental Control on a computer

I'm using Dr.Web Parental control every day and I can say it's amazing. Especially for blocking access for folders and read-only. What I would like to see in a new version is:
1.CHILD LOCATOR - See where your kids go on a map & set a safe area for them to stay in
2.REAL-TIME ALERTS - Get alert if kids try to access bad sites & apps, leave safe area & more
3.YOUTUBE SEARCH HISTORY - Discover your kids’ interests by viewing their YouTube searches
4.SCREEN TIME SCHEDULING - Set up exact time periods when screen time should be limited by device
5.DarkWeb monitoring
7.FileVault disk encryption [Dr.Sandro]

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Total recall: How not to lose a strong password

Very useful article! Thank you for the tips! Long live Dr.Web, best product ever made! [Dr.Sandro]

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About the flexible features of our subscription-based Dr.Web Anti-virus

The subscription is, of course, good, but the license is more familiar :) [GREEN]

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Email: An eternal tool, eternal threats

Very useful information! Most of the ransomware attack start from email when employees do not pay attention and BOOM. [Dr.Sandro]

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Are cloud storages safe?

1. Choose one of the large, respected companies.
2. Encrypt the data before uploading it to a storage provider's server.
3. Always access your cloud drive over a secure connection.
4. Never use the same credentials with multiple accounts.
5. Make use of two-factor authentication.
6. Use an antivirus to protect your devices. [Niuxin]

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Filter Internet access with the help of Dr.Web Security Space (for Android)

Dr.Web Antivirus is the best product on the market you can find! It protects most importantly your privacy, apps, files and you are virus free forever! [Dr.Sandro]

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