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The imitation game

The imitation game is possible if it is used to detect fraudsters. [Toma]

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Remotely and securely

Udalenka, of course, is a good option for some. Well, the rest of us will have to take whatever security measures we can. [Masha]

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Just the basics

It's unreasonable to downgrade. [Niuxin]

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Sprouting like mushrooms

Let's see what SpIDer Gate can do for us! [Niuxin]

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Check everything when you shop online!

Verify the authenticity of the padlock icon before continuing shopping online. [Niuxin]

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Protection from a soldering iron

If you have something to hide, encrypt it! Very good advice! [EvgenyZ]

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The more anti-viruses, the better the protection?

Dr. Web is sufficient. [Niuxin]

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Anti-viruses are selfish

LO compré porque me hablaron muy bien del antivirus Dr.Web,y lo probaré cómo funciona en la XIaomi TV Box 4;
Muchas Gracias; [José Manuel]

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A human being cannot replace anti-spam

The article is highly recommended. [Niuxin]

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No one gets left behind

It can be imagined that Windows 10 will be discarded and Windows 11 will go on the stage in the near future. [Niuxin]

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No chance victims

How could the gadget give attackers remote access to an infected PC that had no Internet access? [Niuxin]

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They will fish out everything

There is not a single method to remove all of the data in hard drives thoroughly till now. [Niuxin]

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Keep your software up to date and your systems invincible

How about turning to open source office applications? [Niuxin]

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Random victims

All removable devices before being scanned can be thought to be dubious. [Niuxin]

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The system restart problem

I agree, users don't like reboots. But sometimes it is necessary. [EvgenyZ]

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An important reminder

Only the latest version of an anti-virus that benefits from timely virus database and software component updates can protect a system from Internet threats. [Неуёмный Обыватель]

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More questions about disk drives

I think this is the right approach. If desired, the user can check the removable media himself. The main thing is that no one from this medium should get into the system. [EvgenyZ]

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No message, no problem

No problem, no message ;) [Неуёмный Обыватель]

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Outsourced system administrators

It may be better to train a computer security specialist from among the regular employees. The main attention should be paid to training all employees in computer security rules. [ka_s]

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A hacking attempt is reason to act

The use of different and complex passwords is the min that needs to be done for safe work in the NETWORK (although it is very annoying, but where to go).

P.S. Checking Dr.Web CureIt! never hurts, especially if not installed (reliable :) antivirus [GREEN]

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Toggle everything on!

Dr.Web is always on! Thanks for the reminder! [EvgenyZ]

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Updates on a planetary scale

Hi, can't I update the virus database? Please help me [Moon]

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How about expressly forbidden?

It is necessary to legally regulate the licensing policy. [razgen]

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The user as a profession

No one will refuse legal aid to protect their interests. [razgen]

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