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About the flexible features of our subscription-based Dr.Web Anti-virus

The subscription is, of course, good, but the license is more familiar :) [GREEN]

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Email: An eternal tool, eternal threats

MAIL was, is, and (I hope!) Will (or at least remain?) A reliable and safe means of communication.
I got used to the mail somehow ...
The issue is very useful, it will not hurt anyone to repeat the rules of information security. [GREEN]

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Are cloud storages safe?

1. Choose one of the large, respected companies.
2. Encrypt the data before uploading it to a storage provider's server.
3. Always access your cloud drive over a secure connection.
4. Never use the same credentials with multiple accounts.
5. Make use of two-factor authentication.
6. Use an antivirus to protect your devices. [Niuxin]

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Don't believe them, don't be afraid, and protect yourselves

What can be avoided -- should be avoided. Including Citrix if they are vulnerable. [Niuxin]

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macOS security: past experience for today’s success

The more popular computers are, the more vulnerable they seem. [Niuxin]

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Playing hide and seek in the sandbox: Dr.Web vxCube’s capabilities

It's interesting to learn about Dr.Web vxCube as long as it is free. [Niuxin]

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Email addresses and addressees

"In June 2020, the attackers began using a new domain name—sports[.]manhajnews[.]com."
"The email text clearly indicated that the author is not a native Russian speaker."

"The country of origin for an email is defined by the IP address of the sender and not by any characteristics specified in the message."

"Our anti-spam feature prevents users from receiving emails in Asian languages" [Niuxin]

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Spam with an optical sight

Not supposedly from NSA? Was the news supposedly reliable? [Niuxin]

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Europe vs. hackers: Will law and order work?

Well, what will happen next? [Niuxin]

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Just don’t tell Bill Gates

There's no need for panic if you do not use cracks. [Niuxin]

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The hidden fraud of expensive apps

An application's usage terms are usually ignored and paid software is not definitely what you need. [Niuxin]

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On the frontline: Doctor Web’s security researchers at work

I think my Dr Web, has been hitting the bottle and was totally drunk. I was being my idiotic self and running my HP server as I have been doing for many years with a Xfce interface GUI and Dr web / Doctor Web, on BitTorrent Pirate Bay. Illegal? not legal? not caring?

A feature film popped onto my server and I could see this feature film was not a feature film and I could see that I was feeding it to others from my server the feature film was not an MP4 it was a .exe believing nobody could possibly be stupid enough to click on a .exe thinking it was a feature film MP4 i allowed it to linger.

So i waited for Doctor Web, to pop up a message and nothing. So i figured oh well Doctor Web, is drunk and I decided to manually delete the file so i paused it and Doctor web popped up telling me it was malware.

Now was Doctor Web drunk? or a bit punched around punch-drunk on that day who knows?

The moral of the story is you have to use common sense and not do silly things believing that a virus scanner can do everything for you because you have got to work together.
There is no perfect security and silly people like me who run a server with a Xfce, interface GUI exist all over the world in their millions.

Now if my Doctor Web can stay off of the alcohol? to allow me to continue for another 5 years or so running my Xfce GUI like an idiot that would be great. Now normally Dr Web, stops them from being uploaded long before they get to me. And this primitive .exe was such an old one.

Let us try to work together. [Philip]

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The power to sign—who can you trust?

Scan all files at all times. [Niuxin]

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About VPN services and anonymity on the Web

VPN service providers will sell some of your personal data for monetisation more or less. [Niuxin]

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Can users influence the giants of the IT industry?

The major players, such as WhatsApp, of the IT industry are not interested in losing their free users. [Niuxin]

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A hacking or an open door?

I have come across people on the Internet who would pay to have somebody spy on them through their modern analogue pixelated CCTV cameras. In this world of not judging people i would not say they were mentally defective just mentally different. Most of the CCTV cameras sold to the West are made in China, and the majority of them have backdoor passwords.

A very expensive Chinese CCTV camera that has a backdoor password also sells the same product without a name a non-named product at a fraction of the price without it software but with the backdoor password. So-called old technology HD-SDI DVR camera systems, are far superior to so-called modern home security systems that are cheap nasty CCTV analogue cameras.

HD-SDI DVR is digital not analogue. Digital uncompressed crystal clear image just like watching your modern flat screen television. And for some reason PR analogue systems are being sold as new technology. Analogue technology is almost definitely older than you and me.. HD-SDI digital is almost definitely younger then you or me but HD-SDI digital is classed as old technology.

Cheap and nasty analogue is cheap to make cheap to mass-produce and thus is the reason it is classed as modern technology compared to the superior digital HD-SDI.

You can sell a dead dog as a guard dog to a dumb person but is it moral to do so.

Moral is from the Latin "moralis" so therefore may be obsolete for the modern world and definitely obsolete to Silicon Valley and its equivalent in China.
I know in Turkey you can sell at an inflated price virgin donkeys, but how do they know it is a virgin?

P.S. i am not judging virgins donkeys or the Turkish.
Thank you [Philip]

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A surprise-laden delivery

PCs and servers need the protection from Dr. Web. [Niuxin]

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About the sale of user data to third parties

Users will ignore the provisions of licence agreement for using free products. [Niuxin]

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How to get to a website when your anti-virus thinks it's dangerous, and you don't

Neglect the exception list for your benefit. [Niuxin]

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Global IT companies intend to create a "Health Wallet" app

The collected data should be kept away from the reach of the global giants of the IT industry. [Niuxin]

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Messages from messengers

спасибо за выпуски и на иностранном языке... [Lia00]

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Who’s hiding in there?

Check program updates in Dr Web vxCube service before installing them. [Niuxin]

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