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Why should I restart my computer after I install updates?

I agree that you should always restart your PC after important update, but still, it can be annoying because many employees in company cannot do it immediately after program asks for restart and in most cases they do not know why it asks for restart and they call system administrator immediately. :) [Dr.Sandro]

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How to configure Dr.Web Parental Control on a computer

I'm using Dr.Web Parental control every day and I can say it's amazing. Especially for blocking access for folders and read-only. What I would like to see in a new version is:
1.CHILD LOCATOR - See where your kids go on a map & set a safe area for them to stay in
2.REAL-TIME ALERTS - Get alert if kids try to access bad sites & apps, leave safe area & more
3.YOUTUBE SEARCH HISTORY - Discover your kids’ interests by viewing their YouTube searches
4.SCREEN TIME SCHEDULING - Set up exact time periods when screen time should be limited by device
5.DarkWeb monitoring
7.FileVault disk encryption [Dr.Sandro]

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Total recall: How not to lose a strong password

Very useful article! Thank you for the tips! Long live Dr.Web, best product ever made! [Dr.Sandro]

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About the flexible features of our subscription-based Dr.Web Anti-virus

The subscription is, of course, good, but the license is more familiar :) [GREEN]

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Email: An eternal tool, eternal threats

Very useful information! Most of the ransomware attack start from email when employees do not pay attention and BOOM. [Dr.Sandro]

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Are cloud storages safe?

1. Choose one of the large, respected companies.
2. Encrypt the data before uploading it to a storage provider's server.
3. Always access your cloud drive over a secure connection.
4. Never use the same credentials with multiple accounts.
5. Make use of two-factor authentication.
6. Use an antivirus to protect your devices. [Niuxin]

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Filter Internet access with the help of Dr.Web Security Space (for Android)

Dr.Web Antivirus is the best product on the market you can find! It protects most importantly your privacy, apps, files and you are virus free forever! [Dr.Sandro]

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Don't believe them, don't be afraid, and protect yourselves

What can be avoided -- should be avoided. Including Citrix if they are vulnerable. [Niuxin]

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macOS security: past experience for today’s success

The more popular computers are, the more vulnerable they seem. [Niuxin]

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Playing hide and seek in the sandbox: Dr.Web vxCube’s capabilities

It's interesting to learn about Dr.Web vxCube as long as it is free. [Niuxin]

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Email addresses and addressees

"In June 2020, the attackers began using a new domain name—sports[.]manhajnews[.]com."
"The email text clearly indicated that the author is not a native Russian speaker."

"The country of origin for an email is defined by the IP address of the sender and not by any characteristics specified in the message."

"Our anti-spam feature prevents users from receiving emails in Asian languages" [Niuxin]

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Spam with an optical sight

Not supposedly from NSA? Was the news supposedly reliable? [Niuxin]

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Europe vs. hackers: Will law and order work?

Well, what will happen next? [Niuxin]

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Just don’t tell Bill Gates

There's no need for panic if you do not use cracks. [Niuxin]

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