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No message, no problem

No problem, no message ;) [Неуёмный Обыватель]

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Outsourced system administrators

It may be better to train a computer security specialist from among the regular employees. The main attention should be paid to training all employees in computer security rules. [ka_s]

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A hacking attempt is reason to act

The use of different and complex passwords is the min that needs to be done for safe work in the NETWORK (although it is very annoying, but where to go).

P.S. Checking Dr.Web CureIt! never hurts, especially if not installed (reliable :) antivirus [GREEN]

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Toggle everything on!

Dr.Web is always on! Thanks for the reminder! [EvgenyZ]

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Updates on a planetary scale

It is good that technology is constantly evolving and improving. [Dmur]

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How about expressly forbidden?

It is necessary to legally regulate the licensing policy. [razgen]

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The user as a profession

No one will refuse legal aid to protect their interests. [razgen]

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Quick, discrete and reliable

It is never recommended to disable antivirus. [razgen]

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Linked threats

Malware attachments cannot be blocked in the U.K. because of zero hour contract work. This is agency work and you work to a contract which may end suddenly. Your payslip will be sent by e-mail and you never know which company is sending you the confirmation payslip or what format they may use ( pdf ) or ( Microsoft office ). Some may send you a link and demand that you log onto that website to download your latest payslip. You must keep track of your payslips or the agencies may short-change you or simply conveniently forget to pay you. Agency work zero hour contract work is now big business in the U.K. exploitation. They exist in all types of work in the U.K. from nurses and so on. You do not have a choice but to check those links or attachments in e-mails if you do not you may lose your money.

I use a personalised e-mail system and use Dr Web on a Linux desktop which scans the e-mails and then passes them on to smb: for the Windows workstations they then get scanned again on the Windows side by a different brand of virus scanner a double-check. stupid virus writers can make a hard life even harder so you have to be careful. Unfortunately because of my domain name i receive quite a lot of malware.

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Hazardous conveniences

The smart door lock is more dangerous for me bcause for everyone home is safe place [Simeon]

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Checkmate, Mr. Hacker!

Memorable passwords don't mean security. [Niuxin]

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Let's go hunting, shall we?

A useful utility, although I have been using its Russified analogue of "System Explorer" for a long time [GREEN]

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Smartphone or bad manners?

1-in VIBRO mode everywhere (except at home), and then on the circumstances
2-password from Wi-Fi? And they must give it to you ???
3-take pictures? Nonsense
4-do not use social networks
5 do not argue about tastes [GREEN]

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Of kettles and men

So let the manufacturer of gadgets be puzzled by the information security of their gadget, it is better to have them at the legislative level. [GREEN]

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Buy, but don't buy into it!

There are no secure payments, but there is always a risk of interception.
But in life there is always the possibility of theft or robbery. [GREEN]

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Two life sentences for one life

If there is demand, there will be supply. As for the award, the award will always find its hero. [GREEN]

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Non-invasive data leaks

Security is not easy. I have a permanent Internet connection I used to be with virgin media, I then switch to another company who are famous for being hacked by a child who attempted to blackmail them. Because their customers deserted them over such a ridiculous hack they offered me good terms a good contract. My computers are permanently connected to the Internet. I understand my Windows workstations and their two-way firewalls. With the Linux desktop I cross my fingers and look at log files and hope for the best. I have passwords for so many things that I cannot remember the passwords, so I write them down and where do I put them? on my computer. They should be put into an encryptor which also requires a password. My head is exploding with passwords I even needed a password to post this. I have passwords unencrypted in my computer. Security security is all well and good but you have to work and your eyes are tired and you cannot continuously read about security. Is not Dr Web meant to be looking after my security? :-)) [pigsy]

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If your browser freezes

Useful information. It will come in handy, maybe ... [GREEN]

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A fantastic reality

"May you live in interesting times" [GREEN]

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Greetings through the back door

"The hunter and the hare, who is right - who is wrong?"

The work is done, you have to pay the bills ...
What will outweigh greed or demand for justice?
And what to do next if the laws do not work? [GREEN]

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Speak louder, we can't hear you

The use (sale) of data about users of a particular resource is the flip side of the convenience of the digital world. [GREEN]

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Is the cloud storm-free?

Data exchange through the "clouds" is a useful and convenient thing, but using the "clouds" as a long-term storage is undesirable and unsafe. [GREEN]

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Registry sacrificed to free up disk space

The need for backups is impossible to dispute. But what MS “configured” by default in Win10 is the same (tricky move, stupidity, stupidity, something else) ?????????
It seems like 10 = failed experiment from MS. [GREEN]

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Dr.Web the anti-bomber

Решение есть - Dr.Web, а Dr.Web - это сила! [GREEN]

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