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The many faces of Linux

вот так необычно читать выпуски на иностранном... [Lia00]

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The threat curve

Interesting and useful issue, thank you! [Шалтай Александр Болтай]

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Welcome, but remote visitors not admitted

If you are not going to use Remote Desktop, disable this feature. [Неуёмный Обыватель]

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Does an anti-virus have rights?

Interesting and useful article, thank you! [Шалтай Александр Болтай]

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Way too hot

"Traditional list: Install an antivirus and a strong password to access its settings. Update in time. Enable scanning of potentially dangerous programs. Limit access to malicious sites using Parental Control. Periodically scan the entire computer."

That's right, recommendations - to life!
But this is just the initial level of information security. The advanced level requires a deeper study of the antivirus and OS documentation. [GREEN]

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You're working from home? Then they are coming for you

Please tell us in detail where to close the port (3389), Dr. Web. [Niuxin]

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Don't be quick to point an accusing finger

Check our Internet connection before evaluating Dr. Web. [Niuxin]

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Irreplaceable removable media

Every USB device may be misused in the present USB world. It's scary. [Niuxin]

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Virus ex machine

Smart appliances also need Dr. Web. [Niuxin]

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Help your neighbour

The teamwork relationship between users and Dr. Web support teams is essential. [Niuxin]

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Betrayed by a file archiver

Why not trust Dr. Web firewall default settings if you know nothing about policies? [Niuxin]

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Age-old vulnerabilities

Install security patches and sweep the systems clean [Неуёмный Обыватель]

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Remote and unwanted

IT companies will usually provide all of their employees or part-time freelancers with corporate laptops that are set up and controlled by their system administrators for reasons of security ,and copyright, patent and trademark infringement. [Niuxin]

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A mining problem

Some closed-sourced genuine software is very expensive. Though pirated software is free to use, users will pay for 'free'. [Niuxin]

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Gone down the tubes

If you have only one computer for work, better consult the Parental Control to block access to potential sources of malware infection. [Niuxin]

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The border guard stands strong!

It's necessary to turn on Preventive Protection. [Niuxin]

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Those who do not sleep

Thanks for the statistics and recommendations. [Niuxin]

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Then we’re coming for you

Well, Dr.Web is the best Anti-Virus solution on the Planet! [Dr.Sandro]

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Calm and vigilant

Stay calm and vigilant anytime. [Niuxin]

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The imitation game

@GREEN, I believe my fraudsters vector was a Network app out of playstore that they modified it was a pre-installed system app the crap hit the fan when I updated it [Archami]

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Remotely and securely

Take care of our antivirus and let it look after our remote work security. [Niuxin]

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Just the basics

It's unreasonable to downgrade. [Niuxin]

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Sprouting like mushrooms

Let's see what SpIDer Gate can do for us! [Niuxin]

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Check everything when you shop online!

Verify the authenticity of the padlock icon before continuing shopping online. [Niuxin]

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Protection from a soldering iron

If you have something to hide, encrypt it! Very good advice! [EvgenyZ]

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