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The rules of ”basic hygiene”

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"Naked" statistics

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Friday, October 27, 2017

  • According to Online Schools, as many as 12% of the sites on the Web feature pornography. The American researchers counted 24,644,172 pornographic webpages.
  • Pornography accounts for 35% of Internet downloads.
  • Seventy percent of men aged 18-24 visit adult-content sites every month, and every fourth search query (almost 70 million per day and 25% of all queries) is a porno search. Over 1.8 billion porno queries have been submitted since 2014.
  • Every second, as many as 28,258 users all over the world are viewing adult content, and an average visit to a pornographic site lasts 6 minutes 29 seconds.
  • Every day 2.5 billion emails with porno are dispatched (8% of all email).


  • Over one-third of young men aged 16-17 visit adult sites regularly. Only 8% of girls of the same age are interested in adult content.
  • Ninety percent of children aged 8-16 have already seen adult content online.

But that’s not the worst thing that could happen. You're probably thinking—well, who hasn’t in their youth at least once taken a sneak peek at forbidden images? But, you’re wrong—it’s not just youngsters who are doing it. Most people visit adult sites at work! On average, 20% of men and 13% of women view adult content right at their office desks. About 70% of adult content is viewed on business days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

But what’s scary is something else:

  • A "Child pornography" query is submitted to search engines 116,000 times every day. Would you like your children to encounter these searchers in real life?
  • Nine out of ten children have run into adult content after submitting search queries related to their homework. This happens with queries like "fondle a chick". On average, children run into pornography online at the age of eleven. Perhaps, a little bit too soon?
  • Eighty percent of teenagers aged 15-17 already have several pornographic images that they’ve published on the Web.

By the way, the USA accounts for the majority of child pornography. About 50% of the content is hosted there. Russia is responsible for less than 30%.

#Parental_Control #Аndroid #Dr.Web_settings

The Anti-virus Times recommends

Everyone decides for themselves whether or not they'll view adult content. But this rule can only be applied by those who can be held responsible for their actions and understand that some dirty things shouldn't be touched. Unfortunately, in situations of this kind children are particularly vulnerable—sometimes they can't resist their craving for things they are normally forbidden to do.

Naturally, trustful relations between parents and children are the best defence against threats of this kind. However, technical protective measures may also come in handy. Note once again that nine out of ten children have encountered pornography after submitting seemingly unrelated search queries while preparing their homework.

Many times we’ve told our readers about Dr.Web Parental (Office) Control and its settings—this component is included in Dr.Web Security Space.

To learn how to configure it, please refer to the issues Curiosity killed the fish, A clever trick and When a presentation does more harm than good.

The URL-filter in Dr.Web Security Space for Android can also be used to block access to adult sites. By the way, in version 12 of the product, you can password-protect the URL filter settings.

We wish you and your family members a sparkling clean Web experience!


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