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18 facts about Doctor Web to mark the company's "coming of age"

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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Regular visitors to our site and our social network pages know that we pay attention to landmark dates in the history of information technology. And many of you probably remember that two days in a year are "reserved" for us: April 22 — the birthday of Igor Danilov and the Dr.Web brand, and December 22 — the day Doctor Web was founded. We decided to devote today's Anti-virus Times issue specifically to this date. On December 22, Doctor Web celebrated not an anniversary, but its coming of age—it was founded 18 years ago, in 2003.

If, in a person's life, coming of age is a step into adulthood, in the case of a successful IT company, everything is a bit different: from the moment we took our first steps, we did everything in an adult way, and from the very beginning, each next step taken made us even more mature.

It is enough to read the following 18 historical facts about Doctor Web to be convinced of this. But judge for yourself!

  1. 2003 When Doctor Web was founded, its creators had already spent more than 10 years successfully developing an anti-virus that has since become legendary.
  2. 2004 Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite, our main corporate product, appeared, and it immediately became very popular among large companies, including state institutions.
  3. 2005 Our Dr.Web CureIt! was released. It took very little time for the utility to become the most popular and in demand.
  4. 2006 The company continued to expand—it opened offices on two continents simultaneously: Doctor Web's outpost in Europe became Doctor Web Deutschland GmbH, and in Asia—Doctor Web Central Asia.
  5. 2007 The company rapidly responded to user needs and was the first in Russia to release an anti-virus in the format of a periodic subscription.
  6. 2008 Doctor Web continued to expand in the European direction and established its branch office in France.
  7. 2009 The company released the first Russian anti-virus for Macs (those very same computers for which "viruses don’t exist"). In just a very little time, the demand for the product became obvious.
  8. 2010 The geography of Doctor Web started to be measured in many thousands of kilometers—the company established its Japan office.
  9. 2011 The company successfully obtained certification for its Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite to be able to deliver the software to Gazprom.
  10. 2012 The company thought about its products’ compatibility with domestic software long before it became "mainstream". The first representative was Alt Linux.
  11. 2013 In a year that was dominated by a banking trojan invasion, Doctor Web launched an educational project to combat them (yes, this was the Anti-virus Times project—not our first and not our only information project for users).
  12. 2014 This year, Doctor Web offices attracted the interest of cybercriminals targeting ATMs. That was another confirmation that our company’s work poisons the life of criminals.
  13. 2015 The subscription-based Dr.Web Anti-virus continued its global expansion: our subscriptions became available in Spain, South Asia, Belarus and Lithuania.
  14. 2016 Dr.Web products were included in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases, better known as the Russian Software Registry.
  15. 2017 Dr.Web Anti-virus Light for Android became the most popular anti-virus on Google Play among Russian users.
  16. 2018 Doctor Web specialists imbedded machine-learning-powered technologies into our anti-virus, which has made it easier to detect the latest malware.
  17. 2019 Dr.Web became the first Russian anti-virus capable of protecting devices that have Baikal Т1 and Elbrus CPUs.
  18. 2020 Dr.Web — the first Russian anti-virus for Aurora OS.

Many of these facts show that Doctor Web demonstrates foresight and flexibility in the most diverse global and IT-market conditions. And, the last two years of unstable, pandemic conditions and constraints have shown that even the most unexpected difficulties do not impede our successful development.

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Next year, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Dr.Web brand—and of course, we will continue to grow and improve our anti-virus products. Doctor Web says a huge ‘thank you’ to its users and partners: after all, we are working and growing just for you.

Our holiday is your holiday; stay with us!


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