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Unmasking the criminals

Кредит недоверия

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Thank you for your purchase? - 2

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

This issue's material has been provided by Anti-virus Times project participant Alexander Sh. from Belarus

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Sometimes our gullibility, carelessness or negligence is all it takes for criminals to obtain our credit card information.

In our era of unbridled consumption, and amidst the rush of our everyday lives, we forget that activities like passing our bank cards to smiling waiters and using them to pay cashiers for goods and services with a "thank you for your purchase" in exchange are fraught with danger.

There are even ads on the Internet (including social networking sites) offering retail chain workers and other people involved in rendering various services ways to beef up their income. This involves copying information found on customer bank cards and relaying it to fraudsters.

In this scheme, criminals gain access to data found on the front and reverse sides of a card by capturing it on video, photographing it or employing other tricks.

Crime news reports occasionally mention the arrests of unscrupulous salesmen or cashiers who have copied bank card information and used it to their advantage.

In Belarus, a 20-year-old student stole money from shop visitors' card accounts. The investigation revealed that the suspect worked as a cashier in a supermarket in summer 2015. He photographed bank cards that buyers presented him with to pay for goods. The young man was placed into custody.

Under Belarus law, the offence is punishable by 3-10 years of imprisonment. It can also entail property confiscation and a ban to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities.

The Anti-virus Times recommends

  1. If you pass your bank card to personnel in order to pay for goods and services, always keep an eye on the employee and your card. Important! Do not allow them to perform any suspicious actions with your card, and if they do, immediately ask for an explanation.
  2. Do not enter the card's PIN code to confirm the transaction. Important! Compare the amount on your payment receipt with the total purchase amount, and keep receipts concerning cancelled and failed transactions until you can match them with information contained in your bank statements.


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