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No one gets left behind

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

In January, Microsoft ended support for Windows 7. Machines running this operating system won't receive security updates anymore, and users are left to deal with vulnerabilities and other dangers on their own. But they are not alone in the face of all these threats:

The German Independent IT-Security Institute decided to find out which anti-virus solutions will continue to support Windows 7 after Microsoft has ended its mainstream support.


You can follow the link and check the resulting list if you like. Here we'll just say that most vendors claim that they will be supporting their anti-viruses under Windows 7 for at least another two years.

And what about Dr.Web?

For starters, let's recall what support actually means in the context of anti-viruses and how they can be supported. Doctor Web software maintenance is delivered in three support tiers.

  1. Full support covers error fixes, hotfixes, technical support by engineers and virus database updates.
  2. Limited support includes hotfixes, technical support by Doctor Web engineers and virus database updates.
  3. Basic support - only virus databases are updated.

A special support service package is also available for certified Dr.Web software editions for corporate customers. The deadline for this kind of support can be extended beyond the standard product lifecycle. But here we are talking about mainstream anti-viruses, so we'll cross that one out.

Windows 7 is an operating system for personal computers. Version 12 is the latest Dr.Web iteration for PCs running that operating system. .

And this is what we guarantee in terms of its support.

  1. Full support will be available until 06.30.2022.
  2. Limited support will end on 06.30.2024 (with no error fixes). But since Microsoft is not going to release updates for Windows 7, it is unlikely that undiscovered issues requiring fixing will still exist after two more years.
  3. Basic support will end on 06.30.2025.

Essentially, Dr.Web version 12 will support Windows 7 until 06.30.2025—more than 5 years!

And there’s more. While we are talking about version 12 support, other Dr.Web releases will surely be coming. Many people will still be using Windows 7 when the next new Dr.Web version is released. And because of that, it will most likely support Windows 7, too. And that, in turn, means that Windows 7 will remain protected even beyond that five-year period.

No one gets left behind!

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The Anti-virus Times recommends

Enjoy Dr.Web’s anti-virus protection to your heart's content!


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