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Cybersuperman's Twelve

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Friday, April 21, 2017

When dealing with computer problems, often we just want to close our eyes and imagine some cybersuperman appearing to make everything right. Or a prince on a white horse to carry us far away from cyberattacks, hackers, and viruses. And, if we need it, a good fairy to use her magic wand to help us... There are many such heroes, each with their own unique qualities, expertise, and areas of responsibility. But, we are always looking for someone who’s versatile, a jack-of-all-trades who can timely and promptly neutralise malicious software and “malicious” people. And, it turns out that a sufficiently “earthly set” of qualities is what transforms a cyberprotector into a cybersuperman or a cybersuperwoman! Let's examine these purely human qualities—a cybersuperman’s twelve “friends”.

1. Loves what they do

A real hero must love what they do, and they must, above all, be results-driven. Only in this way is harmony achieved between the inner self (in this case, the sense of self-worth) and the bodily sensations of success (which translates into an exuberant nature, surging energy, and a strong spirit that keeps the body healthy). Only when one loves their core activities can one’s physical and spiritual harmony help vanquish cybercriminals and unravel complex situations.

2. Knows their material

Above all, a professional is a knowledgeable specialist who becomes more experienced from dealing with real-life situations. Tireless work that is enriched by knowledge transforms a professional into a TOP specialist capable of resolving any issues within their professional scope.

3. Self -confident

Confidence comes with increasing professional strength and the simultaneous development of new skills to overcome today’s obstacles. It is important to understand that self-confidence is achieved through painstaking work; it requires a huge and powerful knowledge base. It is not enough just to say, “I’m confident in myself”. It's important to realise that you will achieve a result because you understand the essence of the problem and know how to solve it.

4. Prompt

Assistance and support always require a prompt response. Whether we are talking about resuscitating the vital functions of a human being or a piece of equipment—everything must be dealt with promptly, otherwise it may be too late.

5. Constructive

This quality is lacking in many truly competent and intelligent specialists who can not only be of help but can also share their experience. Accuracy and focus are required; this is when goals and means are not confused, and there is clarity and worked out solutions. This quality imbues a cybersuperman (or cybersuperwoman) with the ability to understand and grasp the essence of a matter so that competent follow-up steps can be taken, and also save considerable time without compromising work quality.

6. Effective

This is a problem for many newcomers. Rarely is a result achieved immediately—only a well-developed concept leads to it. The result is turned out; the conclusions drawn when each work situation ends are mastered; and the brain “takes into account” the stages it’s passed through and can thus work more effectively in the future. And that means in most cases, success follows success.

7. Possesses an analytical mind

Possesses an analytical mind. An analysis of situations that relies on the use of specialised knowledge and skills makes it much easier to attain “superhero” status and turns a specialist into a successful and promising professional.

8. Ready to accept help

Sometimes even the most intelligent and spiritually strong people need help, and the brilliant Sherlock Holmes also needed consultants on various issues. It’s impossible to know everything, although that’s worth striving for. And a truly qualified specialist is never against bowing to the opinion of an equally intelligent and competent colleague.

9. Able to follow rules

Rules are not made to be broken. They are what make a TOP specialist, make them organised, and imbue them with the qualities that will subsequently lead to success. Top specialists believe it’s a privilege to respect the rules.

10. Able to acknowledge mistakes

A successful and experienced specialist usually finds it difficult to admit to their own mistakes. After all, mistakes are the domain of the immature or the young. However, competent work requires a great deal of effort, which means that fatigue is inevitable. And when a person is tired, errors get the green light. They must be detected (to correct or reduce their impact as much as possible) and not allowed to be repeated. Nevertheless, they must be acknowledged as well as remembered. Only a real cybersuperman can do that openly and in concert with himself.

11. Ready to grow and to learn

Time flies, and sometimes it’s extremely hard to keep up with it. It’s important to understand that time brings with it innovations that require understanding on the part of any professional, regardless of their scope of activity. Keeping up means changing one’s thinking as new trends emerge, and developing in the way technologies require rather than resting on one’s beliefs and doing things the way they have always been done. To perceive innovations as a workshop for perfection is the correct strategy for a professional, one that allows them to grow. For only those who learn, win.

12. Able to overcome their own limitations

Sometimes fatigue or laziness interferes with work. A real professional understands: his power is in his calling. And even fatigue has its place—you can rest, recover, and gather new energy. A victory over oneself is the greatest victory of all, even for a superman.

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