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WebIQmeter project terms and conditions


  1. The project allows everyone:
    • Pass tests online to check their knowledge of computer security basics and learn their WebIQ.
    • Earn points upon completion of tests and awards for useful project activities and exchange them for artefacts.
    • Develop and prove the skills of safe behavior on the Internet, learn to think before one acts on the Internet, and not vice versa.
  2. The project has a start date which is August 28, 2012 . but has no end date, i.e. it is termless.



  1. To become a participant in the project, register at https://www.drweb.com/web-iq/project/register
  2. Access to the tests and participant account is only available to registered participants.
  3. E-mail addresses of registered participants are entered into the project participants database. By registering in the project participants agree that the project organizer will send news about the project, notification of acquisition of points and awards, useful tips on tests and other information related to the project at their respective email addresses specified during registration.
  4. Project participants are able to cancel their registration in the project. In this case, one shall cease to be a participant in the project and their e-mail address will be automatically deleted from the project database.

Tests and points

  1. Participants are offered to pass tests.
  2. There may be several correct choices to answer each question.
  3. If there is only one correct answer to the question and the participant chooses it, they gain 1 point for each correct answer, if the test is passed.
  4. If there are several correct answers to the question, the participant is given 0.5 points for each correct answer, if the test is passed.

Test statuses and point accrual

WebIQ calculation

  1. A participant's WebIQ depends on the number of passed tests and the total number of tests in the project.
  2. A participant's WebIQ is not a static measure and may change through time. WebIQ is calculated as follows: WebIQ = X / T * 100 where X is the number of passed tests, T - total number of tests .


    Period Calculation parameters WebIQ calculation
    March, 2012 10 tests passed, 100 tests available 10/100×100=5
    April, 2012 50 tests passed, 100 tests available 50/100×100=50
    May 2012 50 tests passed, 140 tests in the system 50/140×100=35,7
    June 2012 90 tests passed, 140 tests in the system 90/140×100=64,2

  3. To increase your WebIQ, pass new tests and improve results for those you have failed or didn't manage to complete.

Types of points


Other conditions

  1. Employees of Doctor Web, Ltd. are entitled to participate in the project but can not participate in auctions, tournaments and competitions held for participants in the project.
  2. Doctor Web, Ltd. may at any time unilaterally amend these terms and conditions of the project.

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