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Dr.Web Premium subscription for business users

Dr.Web Премиум

Protection for computers and file servers (including virtual machines), mail servers, Internet gateways and mobile devices

starting from 1,65 €/month

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An anti-virus subscription allows protection for a company's workplaces, servers and mobile devices to be organised easily and without extra expenses. It will become the best choice when there is no separate information security department or no part-time outsourced system administrator.


Protection is paid only for those devices that are involved in business processes; the number of subscriptions can be lowered or raised as needed, at any time.

Easy management

An anti-virus subscription allows a system administrator, a security department employee or an outsourcing IT company to quickly monitor the status of the anti-virus protection of any number of objects, regardless of their location and mechanism for accessing the Internet, and, if necessary, flexibly configure the protection parameters.

An anti-virus for all operating systems

Subscription-based Dr.Web Premium is a cross-platform solution that protects more than half a million computers and servers running Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as Android devices*, worldwide.

Protection for virtual environments

The Dr.Web Premium anti-virus protection subscription now supports the light agent mode for virtual environments. This allows the protection for virtual machines located on the same physical server to be optimised due to some functions getting transferred to a separate service virtual machine, which means unnecessary infrastructure maintenance costs and processing-power expansion costs are avoided.
The set of Dr.Web components differs depending on the protected operating system. For more information about the supported operating systems and protective modules, see the documentation.

*The number of protected Android devices corresponds to the number of objects in a subscription.

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