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Centralized management of the anti-virus protection system

If a company has a full- or part-time system administrator, its service provider can convey the anti-virus protection system management duties to that individual through the Control Center. This will ensure that a company has even greater control over the information protection of its anti-virus network.

Using a SaaS model to supply Dr.Web enterprise-class server products has significantly reduced their cost and made them available to consumers. The Control Center incorporated into the Dr.Web Anti-virus service:

  1. Is licensed free of charge.
  2. Is easy to control by a specialist with any level of qualification.
  3. Maximizes the automation of the work that goes into protecting a local area network, while minimizing maintenance costs, because all stations or groups of stations can be configured in two or three clicks as well as reconfigured just as easily, if necessary.

By harnessing the power of the Dr.Web Anti-virus service’s Control Center, a company can operate more smoothly and ultimately minimize the costs of its business procedures.

The Control Center incorporated into the Dr.Web Anti-virus service allows protection of the following to be controlled:

  • Windows and macOS workstations;
  • Windows, Linux, macOS Server file servers;
  • Android mobile devices.

To facilitate protection management, medium-sized and large enterprises use a grouping mechanism that ensures exceptional scalability of the Dr.Web Anti-virus service.