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The Subscription Control Centre provides various reports regarding actions performed by the Dr.Web software on protected workstations making operation of the service software transparent to users.

1. Service statistics

It provides information about parameters of each subscription and subscription group as well as aggregate subscriptions statistics. At any moment (even if his subscription is suspended) a customer can check his subscription status and view information about each subscription, all subscriptions and subscriptions usage statistics (by groups and subscription packages).

2. Actions log

The actions log provides comprehensive information (history) regarding actions performed by a customer in the Subscription Control Centre:

  • actions performed in the current month to each subscription as well as to all subscriptions (signing up, termination, suspension, login, etc.);
  • all actions performed to the user account in the current month (refill, withdrawal and refund).

3. Virus statistics

A customer can see how the anti-virus protects his computer — he receives information regarding malicious programs detected by Dr.Web as easy to read diagrams and ratings.

The Subscription control Centre also provides:

  • summary data on malicious objects detected on each workstation in any specified period of time;
  • information about ten most frequently detected viruses for a specified period.