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The cure for smartphone and memory loss!

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Monday, August 8, 2016

The most common places people lose their mobile phones:

  • 10. Lady's handbag (95%-100% chance of recovery);
  • 9. Restaurant or bar (80%-95% chance of recovery);
  • 8. Roof of your car (25%-75% chance of recovery);
  • 7. Dressing room (0%-15% chance of recovery);
  • 6. Airport security check room (50%-100% chance of recovery);
  • 5. School (15-75% chance of recovery);
  • 4. Bus or metro carriage (0%-2% chance of recovery);
  • 3. Airplane (0-15% chance of recovery);
  • 2. Cab (0%-50% chance of recovery);
  • 1. Swimming pool (50%-75% chance of recovery) — 0%-5% chance that the device will remain operational.

The British railway company FirstTransPennineExpress issued a report about the items they have returned to passengers. They include: 2,000 mobile phones, 1,300 purses and wallets, 600 umbrellas, 529 keys, 120 shopping bags, 73 stuffed toys, 70 pairs of glasses, 62 teapots, 30 laptops, 21 vials containing perfumes and lotions, 13 baby carriages, and 7 baby seats.

Brits lose 228 mobile phones per hour—almost 2 million phones were lost by the Queen’s subjects over the past year.

And what about Russia?

Rings, mobile phones, and keys are among the top items lost during the winter.

My son loses his phone once a week…

.…the first time it happened, we got it back, but the next day he lost it again

My oldest used to lose hers every 9 months...

In their first year of school, both of my kids lost a phone, so we lost a total of two phones in six months. Those weren't cheap phones either; they were presents from their grandma…

The Anti-virus Times recommends

If your smartphone or tablet uses a SIM card and runs Android, enable the Anti-theft that comes with Dr.Web Security Space for Android (you’ve already installed it, right?).

  • If you left your device somewhere or lost it, the Dr.Web Anti-theft will transmit your device’s GPS data as a link to Google Maps and display its location.
  • There are lots of honest people in this world! You can use the Anti-theft to specify a message containing your home phone number or any other number. The message will be the first thing that whoever finds your handheld will see.

    Give people the opportunity to do the right thing!

  • If you cannot find your device, but know that you've lost it somewhere nearby (home or office), there is no need to call it—just turn on the siren remotely.
  • If you've forgotten the unlock password, with Dr.Web Anti-theft you can unlock your device using one of your trusted numbers. If the chances of finding your device are slim, you can remove all your confidential information from it.

Have you already configured Dr.Web Anti-theft?

Product documentation

Important! The Anti-theft is only available in Dr.Web Security Space for Android. By the way, the product is available free of charge to users who purchase licenses for Dr.Web Anti-virus and Dr.Web Security Space. Learn how you can use the application free of charge here.


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