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Expanding horizons for 6 years already: The Anti-virus Times celebrates its birthday

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Tuesday, February 1, 2022

We decided to devote today's Anti-virus Times issue to a significant date—our project has turned 6. The first issue came out on January 27, 2016. The idea of small informational publications devoted to information security appeared in response to the many digital threats faced by modern-day Internet users. When implementing this project, we strove to make our Anti-virus Times issues an integral part of the daily information flow for a wide range of users. Today, on the project's birthday, we'll share some figures with our readers.

Over a six-year period, the Anti-virus Times managed to turn into a real information security encyclopaedia—the number of issues long ago exceeded 1,000, and the number of additions made by readers to their favourites is close to 4,000. If it were a thick paper book, it could be argued that several thousand people have already put it on their shelves ☺

Statistics show that project issues have been viewed a total of more than 17 million times, and, just as valuable, they have received more than 163,000 ratings, the overwhelming majority of which are positive. The Anti-virus Times is accomplishing its identified goals: we judge this not only by the numerous “likes”, but also by the huge number of reader comments (a number measured in the tens of thousands).

The Anti-virus Times comments are the most important kind of feedback we get from our readers: sometimes the expressed opinions, disputes and questions asked give us ideas for new project issues. And when comments like “Hello! Your tips helped me! Thank you!!!” appear under materials that have practical insights, we are especially pleased. We thank all readers for their interest in our publications and for their reactions to them, including critical ones—they help us develop in the right direction.

The project issues are divided into categories—currently there are 42—and they contain hashtags to make it easy to search for the information you need. When visiting the Anti-virus Times page, readers often refer to materials published several years ago. And this is not surprising: after all, we publish issues on the topic of the day, and issues that stay relevant for a long time. So, the very first issue dedicated to reposts in social networks is still gaining views and comments!

The slogan of the Anti-virus Times is "Infinite horizons". The specifics of information security is that new threats, and hence tips on how to counter them, appear constantly. So, we continue to expand horizons of knowledge and share with readers our recommendations, observations, life hacks and just thoughts on how to confront cyber evil.

We once again say thank you for reading and commenting on us!

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