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The connecting link

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

New times bring new trials.

A communication gap is another complication remote workers may run into.


Remote work has brought a lot of unexpected things into our lives, and some of those things aren't pleasant. For example, if an office is left without electricity due to a power cut, it’s unpleasant but still manageable. You won't be able to use your PC, but at least you can chat with your colleagues hold a meeting on a relevant topic. But what if the same thing happens to someone working remotely?

We are so used to having constant access to the Internet that we often forget it can be interrupted at any moment. Just imagine: Your neighbourhood has been hit by a hurricane, but your communication lines have remained intact.

But then city workers decide to cut some tree branches that are hanging over the power lines. And oops! The cable is gone. And so is your Internet.

Network access can be lost for a variety of reasons. And it always happens at the worst possible moment: you were just going to attend a meeting with your managers, consult with your customer, clean someone's computer of malware remotely…

Our tracking system indicates that there is a cut cable. And then the security guard on site sees a man leaving the premises with a sack full of cable coils. He grabs the man's hand. The vandal is perplexed: "What do you want? Need some cable too? I'm not going to cut it for you. Do it yourself!"

Then there was another story about a trunk cable running from one roof to another. Birds fell into a habit of pecking at it and eventually damaged it. But the incident happened during a cold winter and the roof was very steep. The emergency repair team flatly refused to climb up there until the ice melted. As a result, the subscribers had to wait until spring for their connectivity to be restored.


Bandwidth overload is another problem you may face.

Because many people are now working remotely, our network load has increased significantly. Because of this, you may periodically experience low connection speeds, connection interruptions, or availability issues.


Traffic is usually at its highest at thirty-minute multiples throughout the day. Our technicians believe that this pattern emerges because most managers schedule their video calls for the beginning of an hour or thirty minutes past it. Distinct traffic peaks occur in the period from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. This period is usually followed by a brief decrease in network usage and then traffic increases between 7 and 9 p.m.



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The Anti-virus Times recommends

When the Internet is only available over a mobile network and no connection is available, there is nothing else you can do. Such things do happen. But if you access the network over a wired connection, make sure in advance that you can share your mobile Internet with your PCs.

If you are a manager, try to organise the workflow in such a way that someone can replace an employee if your communication gets interrupted.

Schedule your remote access sessions and online calls for less active times, when the network speed is more or less satisfactory.

And pay your network service fees on time!

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