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Persona (non) grata

Persona (non) grata

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Just the basics

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

One of Doctor Web's customers downgraded from Dr.Web Security Space to Dr.Web Anti-virus and learnt things the hard way:

I ran a full system scan at least once a week, and the installed anti-virus was constantly missing trojans and other malware. I used Dr.Web Security Space from 2013 till 2019 and never experienced any issues whatsoever with my PC.

A request received by Doctor Web's technical support service

Recall that Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus use the same anti-virus engine and signature-based detection technologies. This means that the software updates are versatile and can be applied to both anti-viruses.

But when it comes to protecting a PC against unknown threats (those for which no signatures are yet available), there is a difference. Here we are talking about traffic scanning and the ability to set up access restrictions with the Parental Control—alas, these features are unavailable in Dr.Web Anti-virus. By blocking access to known bogus sites, the user will never end up on any of those malicious webpages, and restricting the use of removable media will prevent trojan-infected devices from connecting to their PC.

Besides, such trendy features as blocking access to a microphone or camera are only available in Dr.Web Security Space. It's nice to know that no one can spy on you!

You can compare the features of our home products here.

Unaware of how a single component can improve their security, users opt for a cheaper solution, even though the prices are almost the same. It’s a good thing that people are realising why their systems aren't protected well enough and are requesting an upgrade.

With that said, I hereby request that you restore my current license to the previous license for its subsequent renewal and compensate me for the salesperson's incompetence.

A request received by Doctor Web's technical support service

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The Anti-virus Times recommends

Customers who use Dr.Web Anti-virus can enhance their anti-virus security by upgrading to Dr.Web Security Space, or they can do this by purchasing a renewal license or extending the coverage of their current license.


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