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Hackers celebrate the holidays, too

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Monday, January 13, 2020

With the festive season upon us, let's talk about gifts. Here is an unusual piece of news:

ThrowStoryAwayTime suddenly discovered that someone had been using their account for quite some time. That person spent over 1,000 hours playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Furthermore, this person aggregated quite a collection of cosmetics under the account.

It is reported that the account was being used by an unidentified hacker from Russia.


The account wasn't hijacked—even better, the unknown benefactor made a gift to the actual owner.

That fact sparked our interest, but, alas, we could find no other incidents involving hackers bestowing gifts on ordinary users. Then we decided to approach the problem from a different angle. Christmas is coming and hackers are human beings, too, and probably love gifts. What can one give a hacker as a gift? And once again it turned out that we weren't the only ones interested in this question.

We won't discuss the most obvious and trivial gift ideas like free Internet access with effortlessly provided complete anonymity, a private explo itand access passwords for the FBI’s, CIA’s and NSA’s networks… Well, what kind of hacker can't manage that all by themselves?

But our search did yield a few funny things.

An admin effigy


A box of chocolates. I think he's gonna like that.

Stop playing Unreal, and fall into the embrace of real life.

People also often wish for good sleep or to finally find their beloved. We recently mentioned that according to statistics, girls do not like hackers (check the Grim portraits issue for more information). Now it looks like we’ve found more proof supporting that statement.

That's what hackers wished to one another. But honest users wish hackers things, too. And those wishes are not few and far between. For example:

A dedicated Criminal Law section describing the punishment specifically for things a hacker does.

A hatchet (because as long as a hacker has fingers, they can't be stopped) as a liability reminder.

And some people just wish for a miracle: "Wish I could see a real hacker in the flesh at Christmas!".

And here's a funny picture:


The Anti-virus Times recommends

Getting back to the beginning of this issue, what gift would you (hypothetically) like to receive from a "good hacker"?


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