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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

In their comments and support requests, users often ask why they can't disable Dr.Web components so that they won't be re-enabled automatically after a system restart. And, finally, we have received a support query that demonstrates why Dr.Web anti-viruses always have their components switched on whenever a system is rebooted.

Please tell me whether there’s a way to have Parental Control start up automatically after a system restart?

Like when adults have been using the computer with the Parental Control disabled and powered off the machine, and then the PC is turned on again (the next day or whenever) and Dr.Web starts up automatically with the Parental Control switched on.

I ask this question because I'm always forgetting to toggle on the Parental Control.

By default, the system hides the anti-virus icon in the tray, and the tray can get hidden, too. As a result, the user may fail to notice that the previously disabled anti-virus is not running.

If an attacker disabled the anti-virus, the situation will become critical: restarting the system won't save the computer from the attack because the anti-virus won't be toggled on at startup and won't be able to expose and neutralise malware.

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The Anti-virus Times recommends

We recommend that you create individual accounts for each family member who uses the computer and configure Parental Control permissions separately for every account. And, of course, the parents' accounts should be protected with strong passwords to prevent children from logging in under their parents’ accounts and removing the restrictions.


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