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Spies are everywhere


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Speak louder, we can't hear you

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We've taken a quick look at the latest news, and here’s what we found:

  • Companies are eager to sell their customers' data.

Regarding privacy concerns with the technology corporation Google, Google's privacy policy change (March 1, 2012) enables the company to share data across a wide variety of company-provided Internet services.


  • Voice assistant forwards data to the Internet.

VRT NWS was able to listen to more than a thousand recordings of Google Assistant, which comes with Google Home devices as well as with Chrome books and other Android-powered handhelds.

VRT NWS listened to more than a thousand excerpts, 153 of which were conversations that should never have been recorded and during which the command ‘Okay, Google’ was clearly not given. This means that many conversations are being recorded unintentionally: bedroom conversations and conversations between parents and their children as well as blazing rows and professional phone calls full of private information.


  • The ability to read incoming documents out loud. This feature can indeed come in handy. No one needs to stay by their computer to hear important information.
  • Confidential information from your office.

Now let's shake it!

Google Assistant can now read incoming messages received by other applications, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, and reply to them by listening to the user's voice.


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We fully trust our gadgets—after all, we purchased them to make our lives easier. In the meantime, those gadgets keep track of what we are doing and relay this information to their true owners. Of course, the data is forwarded indiscriminately since our handhelds aren't sentient beings. However, someone on the other end is crunching the data. And, at first they will use it to try to sell us new gadgets and applications. But, as for what comes after that, who knows?

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