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"Good" old jokes

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Modern-day malicious programs are so boring—they are all about money. Joke programs are so few in number that you can count them on your fingers.

Meanwhile, in the past, when the Internet was available to a select few, virus makers entertained themselves and others in every way possible. The opportunities for making money were few (although some people did try to make a living by writing viruses) so, in addition to destructive masterworks, they sometimes produced funny things too.

For over five years Daniel White, a YouTuber known as danooct1, has been uploading videos showing old malware in action. So far he has already uploaded 450 videos. He examines malicious programs from between the MS-DOS era and the late 90s when Windows began to flourish. Some of his videos give us pangs of nostalgia; others are quite surprising.

Virus.DOS.Plane could drop a man with a parachute to the command prompt.

Meanwhile, Mars Land, from a French coder going by the alias Spanksa whose viruses never damaged hardware or data, looks more like a demoscene.

When launched, Virus.DOS.Walker would display a crude 8-bit image for adults (of course, we are not going to show you this one here), after which a roaming old man would appear on the screen.

These things make us very nostalgic, indeed!

And here Death himself is treading.


Spartak rules!


Back then Russian hackers were yet to be invented—so take a look at these red tigers instead.


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