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Parental NO control

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Friday, July 20, 2018

What do children do on the Internet? What links do they open? Who do they talk to? Many people are already aware of the financial risks for parents and the psychological dangers for kids. However, leaving children to their own devices on the Internet may have even more devastating consequences. Parents who let their kids do whatever they please with a computer are taking considerable risks: that freedom can turn into the exact opposite.

Israeli law enforcement agencies arrested Itay Huri and Yarden Bidani, the alleged owners of vDos—the world’s largest DDoS-attack-for-hire service.

Investigators believe that vDoS has been behind most of the DDoS attacks carried out in the past two years. In four months (April-June, 2016) the service was used to mount attacks lasting a total of 277 million seconds.

It was also revealed that since July 2014, customers have paid about $618,000 via PayPal and bitcoin to use the service (payments over PayPal are no longer accepted). The company has been operating since 2012, however, the earliest payment records discovered date back to 2014. This indicates that the owners have earned over $1 million over the course of the service’s existence.

Excellent news! The criminals have been arrested and will, we hope, be punished. Everything seems to be wrapped up in a neat bow until you consider this: the arrested men—Itay Huri (a.k.a. P1st) and Yarden Bidani (a.k.a. AppleJ4ck)—are only 18 years old. Several young hackers from the USA reportedly assisted the youngsters with their business.

Are you sure that your children aren’t doing anything illegal with a computer?

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People engaged in illegal activities are probably good at concealing their actions from others. But let's try to understand why smart kids choose to break the law. After all, the odds of getting old and staying rich and free while engaging in this type of business are very low. Furthermore, such criminals are often extradited to the USA where sentences can stack up to multiple life terms.

Dr.Web Parental Control can help parents keep their children safe from trouble—both minor and extremely major. Here you can find out more about Parental Control and watch a video tutorial.


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