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Persona (non) grata

Persona (non) grata

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The Internet does not keep secrets

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Modern fraudsters are extremely well versed in matters concerning cutting-edge IT technologies. After all, every new technology can be used to devise a new scheme for committing fraud.

Perpetrators also make use of a targeted approach.

How would you respond if a fortune teller in the street not only addressed you by name, but also told you actual facts about your life? Is she using telepathy or deductive reasoning? Not at all, just a broadband Internet connection.

Egor Tsvetkov, a 21-year-old photographer from Saint Petersburg, conducted a photo session he called Your Face Is Big Data. He photographed commuters in Saint Petersburg's metro and used the free service FindFace to find user profiles on the social networking site VKontakte that would match the photos.

Egor undertook the project to show that anonymity no longer exists and that people shouldn't make their photos publicly available and should deny third-party access to their profiles.

Of course, matches weren't found for all the photos, but facial recognition technologies are evolving rapidly.

The Anti-virus Times recommends

You should never publish on the Internet information containing intimate details of your life. Oddly enough, we grow up. And we may not be able to remove from the web things that appeared funny to us when we were young. A prime example of this are the ongoing efforts on the Internet to dig up the dirt on movie stars and politicians.


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