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She was only 33

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

There’s a cost to everything, and when our computers get infected, which is pretty common these days, there’s a cost to that too. Unfortunately, cybercriminals usually go unpunished, and the carelessness of their victims leads to losses—losses that are not only financial in nature. Some victims actually lose their lives.

What are you up against if your computer gets infected?

  • You’ll finally have to buy an anti-virus (if you did not have one at the time of infection or the one you had was unlicensed and therefore never got updated)
  • You’ll have to scan your computer/device for other malware
  • You’ll have to restore your lost data, and maybe not just yours
  • You’ll have to get your provider to agree to unblock you so you have Internet access again
  • You’ll have to resolve all the issues associated with someone accessing your email, social media, and cloud services accounts
  • You’ll have to accept the fact that your personal photos are out there on the Internet forever.

But sometimes hackers cause damage that comes at a much higher price.

An official representative of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, Irina Volk, reported that a resident of the Nizhnyi Novgorod Region died because scammers stole the money that she had saved up for her surgery.

Using fake documents, cybercriminals gained access to the telephone number associated with her bank account, and stole money through the bank’s online service.

The woman was only 33

The Anti-virus Times recommends

It is more expensive to deal with the consequences of fraud than to spend money on preventive protection!

…and to think about what you had to do to eliminate the consequences of an infection, and the toll it took on you—in terms of time, money, and nerves.


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