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Anti-virus fallacies

Антивирусная неправда

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AI vs. Anti-viruses

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Simcretin: a computer that simulates cretinism to be left alone.

Stanisław Lem. The Futurological Congress

Media outlets are eager to publish any news stories related to artificial intelligence, and companies and industry geeks are happy to play along with them. And now they are claiming that intelligent machines will be able to neutralise malware. According to press reports, those machines are going to supersede humans. Here is an example:

A new artificial intelligence, developed in the city of Tomsk, Russia, can detect malware on its own without any assistance from anti-viruses.

The Adaptive Immunity for OS (AIOS) system can also analyse malware code to determine who authored it. The scientists are determined to prove that the malware threatening our computers today is written by anti-virus companies themselves.

Experts believe that most users pay up to 1,000 USD per year to keep their computers protected. Note that new malware species threatening the health of PCs appear virtually on a monthly basis. They are evolving constantly, capable of self-learning and able to change their behaviour.

Popular anti-viruses can't recognise malicious software. They can only detect malware that has already been discovered and placed in a library. That's why anti-viruses must be updated regularly. Meanwhile, the malicious programs that aren't yet present in virus databases remain undetected.

According to the developers of AIOS, the artificial immunity will be able to detect malware with a 100% probability of success. The scientists are going to use the new solution to catalogue individual semantic traces left behind by programmers who write malicious code. The virus hunter will not only study how malware behaves and neutralise it but also look for the individuals who authored the malware and report them to law enforcement agencies.

"Preventing anti-virus companies from making malware to boost the demand for their software is our principal task", Eugene Tarin said. "It’s possible that operating system manufacturers and anti-virus makers are engaged in a conspiracy of some sort. That's why we intend to incorporate our adaptive immunity technology into Russian operating systems".

What’s really happening here? Our astute readers, even those who may not know much about AI (artificial intelligence), may have already noticed something strange in the above text, including the statement about malware emerging “virtually on a monthly basis” (new species actually appear every minute) and the allegation that “anti-virus companies themselves” are behind the production of malware. Perhaps this is an isolated incident?

Gartner used its Hype Cycle, which tracks marketing “mania”, to discover that the current estimates for AI’s prospects resemble the not-too-distant hype surrounding “green” technologies—when companies were constantly claiming that their products were eco-friendly in an effort to increase sales. Over 1,000 companies claim that their products incorporate AI, but in many cases this is a gross exaggeration; the fact is that they are merely automating many of the routines normally performed by humans.

No AI is needed to detect unknown malicious programs. Dr.Web products feature various technologies used to find malicious and potentially dangerous files not present in the products’ virus databases and expose them according to their properties and behaviour. Of course, we could call them AI, but that would be an exaggeration too. Unfortunately, not all companies are so scrupulous.

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Dr.Web recommends

  • If, in advertising its product, a company claims that it features AI, it could just be a marketing gimmick.
  • If someone suggests to you that you should stop using your conventional anti-virus, which has been developed and updated on a daily basis by living and breathing humans, think twice. Perhaps, someone is just trying to take advantage of you.
  • If someone guarantees that their solution will detect 100% of malware, brush them aside. This is an outright lie.

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