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Who will be the victim?

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My wife's computer was not protected by an anti-virus and
got corrupted by encryption ransomware, but my system is
protected by Dr.Web.

An encryption-ransomware-related communication received by the Doctor Web technical support service.

We haven't raised the issue of gender and age differences when it comes to information security issues:-) If you ask yourself who is more appealing as a target for virus writers and who is less appealing, one of the answers will be the following:

According to the study, on average the willingness to pay [a ransom] is higher for women (average amount - £326) than for men (average amount - £233). On the other hand, the willingness to pay criminals increases with age (correlation index - 0.07). However, these differences are not statistically significant.

But it's not as simple as it sounds, especially with regard to age.

Young people and those who have received an education suffer from intruders' actions more often. This is an unexpected conclusion, especially for supporters of the myth that says: "I am smart, and I don't need an anti-virus".

#Trojan.Encoder #ransom #extortion #data_loss_prevention #fraud #psychology #encoder

Dr.Web recommends

Anyone can become a victim of cybercriminals. Any application can be vulnerable, and any half-asleep user can follow a dubious link. It's another matter that literate users can try to solve a problem or recognise the tricks of fraudsters, while less savvy ones (including seniors) are more likely to pay a ransom.

So help users who are less knowledgeable about modern threats select an anti-virus. Configure the anti-virus, protect it with a password, and don't tell anyone this password—otherwise the protection will be useless.

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