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Keep your nose out of it

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Most fraudulent schemes exploit human vices. If you like to peek and pry—sooner or later you’ll be found by a crook who’ll offer you something you won't be able to resist. And if you can't help poking your nose everywhere, sooner or later, your nose will run into trouble.

For example, there are those who offer people the chance to gain access to someone else's mailbox.

Just take a look at the offers. We did our best to preserve the authors' style.

Mailboxes are hacked only after an advance payment is advanced.

I won't go into detail, but I reckon that perhaps some time tonight, we'll solve the problem with your order.

To hack into someone else's mailbox, we need to know the password to yours. Any hacker will request your mailbox password, not in order to get into it, but to use the application. Keep that in mind

But I need a password to any mailbox. It doesn't matter if the mailbox is yours or not, just give me somebody's password because no hacker will risk their neck. You see? You send me an email with a password for a mailbox, and I do hacking for ya. The password is your payment for my services. Now I've proven to you that I don't want to fail you

The automated system uses commercial solutions to determine indexes, so a 5$ service fee has been introduced. The service is available for 1 hour and the reply SMS will contain an ID that you will be able to use during one hour and also use the ID to contact us.

And here is the final masterpiece:

Unlike most scammers, we take our job seriously.

Indeed, serious hacking requires serious efforts. Any resource can be compromised if you can afford to hire a hacker with sufficient skills.

#fraud #hacking #mail #psychology

The Anti-virus Times recommends

Going after someone else's secrets will do you no good. Keep your secrets safe, and don't hunt for those belonging to others! If you get yourself involved with people who give you no guarantees except their word, you’ll be double-crossed sooner or later. They are using you to make money, nothing more. But sometimes there is more. ☺

Unfortunately, I am no hacker, and I don't have the password you need.

Don't be upset though because you've learnt a good lesson, and in the future it will save you lots of money, I'm sure. I never charge more than five dollars, and if someone pays more than that, I return the extra amount. I never take advantage of people who want to regain access to their own mailbox—only those who want to hack into someone else's; and that will do them no good.

If you think that what I do is bad, you’re wrong.

And, by the way, I’m a girl.

PS. Please note that schemes of this kind use psychology. After all, who will seek revenge on a girl? :)


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