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Keep your data safe

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Backing up important information will protect it against encryption ransomware and accidental deletion. In addition, you can use backups to track changes in certain files by rolling them back to a certain date.

Dr.Web Security Space’s Data Loss Prevention feature can be used to create backups automatically—just specify the folders that contain important files.

Important! By default, Data Loss Prevention is disabled.

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To enable the feature, click on the agent icon; go to ToolsData Loss Prevention and toggle it on.

But, unfortunately, modern hard drives aren't really the best storage location because no one can tell when they will fail. That's why it is recommended that you store important files on removable media. Naturally, in this case the default Data Loss Prevention parameters need to be changed.

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Dr.Web recommends

To configure Data Loss Prevention so that your data is stored on removable media, do the following:

1. Connect the removable media to your computer. Make sure that the operating system has assigned it a drive letter.
2. Open the Data Loss Prevention settings.
3. Click on Copy files to C:\DrWeb Archive
Security Space #drweb
4. In the next dialogue, click on the Create file copies drop-down list and choose Manually.
5. Select the drive where the data is to be stored.е.
6. Press OK.

To back up the data you want to preserve, in the Data Loss Prevention settings window, click Create copy. Of course, before you do that, make sure that the removable media is connected to your computer and that you've specified the correct drive letter in the Dr.Web settings.

Important! It is strongly recommended that you update Dr.Web and run an anti-virus scan before you create a backup.

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