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Celebrating a quarter of a century and the birthday of Doctor Web’s iconic founder

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

“We make the product the way I've always wanted to—with an emphasis on quality. That's the most important thing to me".

Igor Danilov, Doctor Web founder

April 22 is the birthday of Igor Danilov, the founder and sole proprietor of Doctor Web. This is also the day we traditionally celebrate the birthday of the Dr.Web Anti-virus. In this regard, 2017 is special because Dr.Web is marking a quarter-century milestone!

“It started as a hobby in the early 90s. Back then, I was working at a secret research facility in St. Petersburg on a project that dealt with signal processing in jet fighter guidance systems. And for some reason I got interested in the virus problem...".

Igor Danilov, from an interview with Webcity

At that time the virus problem was just starting to be taken note of. Few could have imagined that it would reach worldwide proportions: it was hard to fathom that within just two decades, computers and mobile devices would become part of every household and, moreover, be connected in a single network. Igor Danilov was among those who realised where the "virus wind" was blowing, and he began to act.

It was as early as 1992 that the anti-virus application Spider's Web was released. One of its key components was called “the doctor”. This is how our brand appeared. Twenty-five years have elapsed since then. The information security landscape has changed beyond recognition, and many present-day cybercriminals, as well as those who fight them, hadn’t yet been born when Igor Danilov's program successfully completed its first scan. But some things remain the same. Igor Danilov is still at the helm of the Dr.Web Anti-virus’s development, and for its part, the Dr.Web Anti-virus remains a leading anti-virus software product.

The same focus on quality, the incorporation of unique technologies, an understanding of the volatility of information security trends, and a world-class development team are propelling Dr.Web forward and enabling it to fight even seemingly unbeatable foes such as encryption ransomware.

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The Anti-virus Times editorial team congratulates Igor Danilov on his birthday and hopes that the “new anti-virus year" brings him new inspirations and helps the company reach new heights so that Dr.Web can continue defeating cyber evil of any magnitude.

We hope that Dr.Web users and our readers will happily join us in celebrating these milestones.


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