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Loopholes in virtual worlds cause actual problems

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Countless numbers of people like to play games. The modern computer game industry offers applications for all tastes. Game development is one of the most profitable branches of the IT business. But cybercriminals profit from games, too, because every gamer's rig is a potential source of income.

People love to play!

Criminals take advantage of this and craft malicious programs that are distributed in the guise of games.

Games just like any other program have vulnerabilities.

Exploiting vulnerabilities (loopholes) in software installed on a target machine is one of the ways to penetrate a gamer’s computer.

The more games are installed in the system, the easier it is for criminals to infect it with a Trojan horse.

And people often install games onto the computers they use for work! That's why, if a computer on a corporate network has online games installed on it, the probability for an intrusion into the network occurring via game vulnerabilities increases significantly.

The Anti-virus Times recommends

  • The technology Dr.Web ShellGuard, which is incorporated into Dr.Web, neutralises programs that exploit vulnerabilities, including those that are known only to virus makers (zero-day vulnerabilities), to provide criminals with control over attacked applications and the operating system.
  • Only use legal game software from trusted publishers, and download and install all the corresponding updates in a timely manner. Pirated versions of games often conceal Trojan horses.
  • Dr.Web Security Space prevents vulnerabilities in games from being exploited by criminals. It also features a game mode that enables users to enjoy their gaming experience while keeping their systems protected.


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