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Left, right, march

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Monday, October 31, 2016

To achieve their goals, fraudsters love to replace symbols in well-known addresses so that the altered addresses don’t arouse suspicion but lead to entirely different sites. Malware makers use this trick, too. If a popular application exists, why not create another one with a similar name?

You think no one will fall for it?

Here is a real life example. Doctor Web is the most downloaded anti-virus on Google Play, and Dr.Web products for Android are extremely popular. However, few people know that another product—Dr.Web Mobile Control Center, which facilitates control over Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite applications—is also available on Google Play. It is intended for administrators, and you can determine that by looking at the screenshots (

How do I register? At first, a Dr.Web server address is required. What is it? How am I supposed to know it? I type in ‘France’ and get an error message indicating that the address is incorrect. Please help me register my license; otherwise I will have to remove the application. You always reply that a server or AV-Desk must be installed What does this mean?!!!!

This is a typical question we get about this product.

Unfortunately, users install applications without thinking and grant them access to system features in the same manner. It is a good thing that the user in our example downloaded Dr.Web, rather than malware disguised as Dr.Web!

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The Anti-virus Times recommends

  1. Before you download and install an application, find out more about its features.

On Google Play, Doctor Web discovered a Trojan that displays annoying ads and steals all sorts of confidential information. This malicious program is embedded in over 150 applications that were downloaded by at least 2,800,000 users.

  1. Make sure that you download the app from a legitimate site rather than from a fake one (check your browser's address bar).
  2. An anti-virus should always be the first application you install on your mobile device. It’s the only way!

And a few final words. Dr.Web for Android passed the ‘100 million downloads’ milestone mark in early 2016. If someone claims their application has been downloaded a huge number of times, request confirmation. Our figures are accurate, and we are proud of them!


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