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Ransom – to pay or not to pay? That is the question!

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Encryption ransomware (Trojan.Encoder) programs search for user data on the disks of infected desktops and in the memory of compromised mobile devices. They then encrypt the data and demand a ransom to decrypt it.

A ransom amount can reach 1,500 bitcoins!

1 bitcoin equals 380 euros or 414 US dollars*.

Ransom demands can occasionally run as high as 49,500 dollars.

Even if you pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your data back.

*Information valid on the date of publication.

The Anti-virus Times recommends

If your data has been encrypted, never pay the ransom!

Visit the legal section of our website to learn what you should do in situations like this.

Doctor Web provides decryption services to users whose files have been encrypted by Trojan.Encoder programs.

This service is available free of charge to users of commercial Dr.Web software.


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