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Beating the enemy at its own game

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The hosts file plays an important role when criminals are peddling us the website pages they need. By manipulating it, they can hide access to anti-virus vendor websites.

What is the hosts file for? It’s a file in which you can place records that match the names of Internet resources with their network addresses. For instance, this lets you access various websites without using external services and accelerate website loading speed.

The proactive protection technologies used in Dr.Web Security Space let you control any changes made to the contents of the hosts file.

But the hosts file is a double-edged sword, and in the hands of an experienced user it can prevent fraudulent websites from being accessed. Add the string " URL_of blocked_website" to the end of the file to block access to an unwanted website. The point of doing this is that when a user attempts to load a blocked resource, the system will try to load it from the local computer (the predefined address is on which it is obviously missing. Thus, unwanted websites won’t load.

But a hosts file can be modified to do more than combat unwanted resources. As everyone knows, today’s malicious files are often managed externally.

To determine a user's IP address, Black Shades requests This Black Shades feature gives users a simple way to combat it. Just open the hosts file and add the line If malware fails to connect to, it terminates abnormally and displays an error message (shown in the illustration below).


Hosts is a simple text file where one line corresponds to one record. The typical record format is:

IP address Domain_symbol_name # There may be a comment here

In almost all operating systems (except Windows 7 and 8, where there are comments only), the first entry is: localhost

This means that the localhost domain name matches the IP address—the system’s local address.

Important! By default, for Windows it is located in %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Criminals can change this path. However, you can reset it to default. For simplicity’s sake, in this example we are assuming that the file path matches the default value.

You can open the file by clicking Start-Run (the same window displays the key combination Win+R); in the newly appeared window Run the program, enter notepad %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts in the field Open, and click ОК. You can also open the file in any text editor.

If you open the file manually, please note that it can be given the attribute "Hidden". To display such files, you must enable Show hidden files and folders in Folder Options).

Important! Often criminals use blank lines to insert records outside the visible Notepad window. After opening the file, always check whether there is a scroll bar and scroll the window completely.

Rules for editing the hosts file

  1. Each element must be placed on a separate line.
  2. The IP address must start at the beginning of the line, and be followed by (on the same line) the corresponding host name.
  3. The IP address and host name must be separated by at least one space.
  4. Comments must be preceded by the # sign.

If comments are used in the lines of matching domain names, they must follow the host name and be separated from it by a # sign.

If you are unable to save the file, log in as administrator or run Notepad as Administrator and edit the file.

There are several ways to do this.

  1. Using the command line (if the system operates under Windows 10) by right-clicking on the icon #drweb.


    Select Command Line (Administrator) and in the newly appeared window, write (or copy):

    notepad C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

    In this case, an ordinary Windows Notepad will be run as an Administrator and will let you make changes to the hosts file.


    Make changes, and save the file (File → Save).

  2. Manually opening a text editor as administrator.

    Open the folder that stores an executable text editor like "Notepad" (these instructions will work for other text editors like Notepad++). For instance, the "Notepad" executable file is in C:\Windows\system32. Search for the file notepad.exe (if you use Notepad).

    Right-click on the file, and select Run as Administrator.


    Select File → Open. In the newly appeared window, find the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. In the lower-right corner, select All files and open hosts.


    Make the necessary changes and save the file.

Important! If, after you’ve saved the file, and/or after a reboot, some websites are still not opening or are opening and showing unexpected content, the system might be infected with an active malicious program that is checking the hosts file at scheduled intervals and changing its contents.

To view statistics on the requests made to different resources and to select those that can be recorded in the hosts file, click on the icon #drweb in the Dr.Web Agent's menu, and select a user name.


Dr.Web recommends

But there is an easier way!

If you want to block access to certain Internet resources, use the whitelists and blacklists of the Parental Control component included in Dr.Web Security Space—if you do, you can configure access rules individually for specific computer users.


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