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Persona (non) grata

Persona (non) grata

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My data is mine

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Monday, October 3, 2016

We normally don’t reveal our biographies, as well as our home address, to a stranger in the street, and yet we willingly publish the information on the Internet or store it on the machine from which we access the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, there are many more strangers on the Internet than surround us in the real world!

As the largest personal data aggregator in the world, Facebook uses our data for promotional purposes. But few people know what data is being used and sold. Below you can find the complete list of 98 items:

  1. Location
  2. Age
  3. Generation
  4. Sex
  5. Language
  6. Education
  7. Field of competency
  8. School
  9. Ethnicity
  10. Income and profit
  11. Home ownership and ownership type
  12. Core values
  13. Acreage
  14. Home size
  15. Year home was built
  16. Household composition
  17. Users whose birthdays are within the next 30 days
  18. Users who currently live away from their family or outside their home town
  19. People who are friends with someone who will soon celebrate their birthday, marriage, or betrothal, or who has recently relocated
  20. Users in long-distance relationships
  21. Users who have started a new relationship
  22. Users who recently started a new job
  23. Users who have recently gotten engaged
  24. Users who have recently gotten married
  25. Users who have recently relocated
  26. Users who are celebrating their birthdays soon
  27. Parents
  28. Parents-to-be
  29. Mothers, divided into "groups"
  30. Users who are likely to be involved in politics
  31. Conservatives and Liberals
  32. Marital Status
  33. Employer
  34. Industry
  35. Job Title
  36. Office type
  37. Interests
  38. Users who own a motorcycle
  39. Users who are planning to buy a car
  40. Users who have recently purchased spare parts or accessories for their car
  41. Users who may need spare parts or some services for their car
  42. Make and model of the car you drive
  43. Year car was purchased
  44. Vehicle age
  45. How much the user can afford to spend on their next car
  46. Where the user can buy their next car
  47. Number of employees in your company
  48. Users who have a small business
  49. Users who are employed as managers
  50. Users who have donated to charity (arranged by type)
  51. Operating system
  52. Users who play browser games
  53. Users who have a game console
  54. Users who created an event on Facebook
  55. People who have used Facebook Payments
  56. Users who spent more than average via Facebook Payments
  57. Users who manage content on Facebook pages
  58. Users who have recently uploaded photos on Facebook
  59. Browser
  60. Email hoster
  61. Users who will eventually start using new technologies
  62. Emigrants
  63. Users who are associated with a credit union, national bank, or regional bank
  64. Investors (divided by investment types)
  65. Number of credit lines
  66. Users who actively use bank cards
  67. Type of bank card
  68. Users who have a debit card
  69. Users who have savings accounts
  70. Users who listen to the radio
  71. TV show preferences
  72. Users who use mobile devices
  73. Internet connection type
  74. Users who have recently purchased a smartphone or tablet
  75. Users who access the Internet via a smartphone or tablet
  76. Users who use coupons
  77. Clothes a user buys
  78. The time of year a user makes more purchases
  79. Users who "very" often buy beer, wine, or other spirits
  80. Users who buy groceries (and the kinds of groceries they purchase)
  81. Users who purchase cosmetics
  82. Users who buy medicines
  83. Users who spend money to purchase home goods
  84. Users who spend money on goods for children or pets
  85. Users who make more household purchases than average
  86. Users who tend to make purchases online (or offline)
  87. Type of restaurants a user dines at
  88. Types of shops where a user purchases goods
  89. Users who are "susceptible" to proposals from companies offering online auto insurance, higher education, or mortgages, and prepaid debit cards/satellite TV
  90. How much time a user lives at home
  91. Users who may relocate in the near future
  92. Users who are interested in the Olympics, football, cricket, or Ramadan
  93. Users who often travel for business or pleasure
  94. Users who drive or commute to get to work
  95. Type of vacation a user takes
  96. Users who have recently returned from a trip
  97. Users who have recently used travel apps
  98. Users who prefer timeshare holidays

A scary list, isn't it? But not because Facebook is collecting this data. After all, the social media site honestly warns users in its license agreement and the license agreements of the programs it owns that this information will be used.

Address book. You provide us the phone numbers of WhatsApp users and your other contacts in your mobile phone address book on a regular basis. You confirm you are authorized to provide us such numbers to allow us to provide our Services.

The problem is that this data can be seized by criminals to gain access to your computer. Are you sure you want to share this information with strangers?

The Anti-virus Times recommends

  • If you don't want to share your personal information with the entire world, don’t publish it on social media or in personal messages of any kind.
  • Do not store your personal data on your desktop, laptop, or handheld.
  • Having received personal information about your friends or partners, don’t store it on your personal computer or mobile device. If your computer leaks the information, they are not going to be very happy with you.
  • Take steps to make sure your data is secure: do not allow strangers to use your computer; use an anti-virus; install updates; and don't fall into phishing traps.
  • And if you don't want to transmit your personal information, the option usually exists to decline such a transfer.


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