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They were the first

Они были первыми

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An anti-virus created overnight!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

In the now distant year of 1988, a virus infected a machine in the Main Computing Center of the USSR Council of Ministers’ State Planning Committee (Gosplan). Who knows—maybe, if this hadn't happened, anti-virus software would have evolved quite differently in Russia.

Dmitry Lozinsky

Back then, Doctor Web Deputy General Director Dmitry Lozinsky, who later became famous for creating the first Russian anti-virus, worked at Gosplan.

This is how he remembers it.

"At that time, I had heard about computers and viruses, but the first virus I ever encountered was Vienna-648 in 1988". The virus managed to sneak onto a Gosplan machine. Naturally, people were at a loss. They came to me and said: "Something strange is happening to the computer". I checked it out and realised that we had a virus on our hands. At home, I spent an evening figuring out what exactly was going on and wrote the first anti-virus. I named it after the first Soviet AIDS testing method which had been excitedly announced over the radio around that time. I translated it into English as AIDStest.

So that’s how the first version of the Russian anti-virus Aidstest appeared. It was used on virtually every PC in the USSR and later in the CIS, and stayed ahead of its competitors for years.

Антивирус – за один вечер! #drweb

Only with the emergence of polymorphic viruses did Aidstest become obsolete and end up being replaced by Dr.Web. But that’s another story.

The Anti-virus Times recommends

At the dawn of the PC and Internet era, a single individual could create and keep an anti-virus program up to date. Today, anti-viruses comprise an entire industry and cybercriminals rarely operate alone.

The anti-virus icon in your system tray represents the coordinated labour of many professionals, and only a small portion of their work is automated. The fight between viruses and anti-viruses has long ceased to be a confrontation between individuals and has become a technology race. And the ordinary user stands no chance of stopping malware without the help of an anti-virus.


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