Security is a service

Leave the security of your information resources to professionals!

With its Dr.Web Anti-virus service, the company Doctor Web was first on the Russian market to offer the innovative anti-virus-as-a-service model.

What is the Dr.Web Anti-virus service?

An online service providing anti-virus protection that is administered by a service provider’s highly skilled personnel.

Who can use the service?

Any company wanting to improve its information security and simultaneously cut costs.

How is the service licensed?

The service is available in the form of subscription packages. The number of protected objects may be reduced or increased instantly.

How is the service paid for?

The customer pays only for the actual number of connections - monthly or for any term up to 3 years. This is, in fact, an anti-virus offered on an instalment basis.

What does a subscription include?

The Dr.Web Anti-virus service is a package of services that protects company information and includes virus database and software module updating as well as technical support. Additional services are also available.