Conditions for issuing Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Mobile Security serial numbers (hereinafter “Conditions”)

The Conditions are validfrom 01.07.2014 until indefinitely..


  • The Right Holder: the limited liability company Doctor Web located at 3rd Street Yamskogo Polya 2-12А, Moscow, Russia, 125124.
  • The Official Page where Dr. Web serial numbers are issued: the page located at This page provides information about the Conditions.
  • The Recipient of a Dr. Web serial number (hereinafter “Recipient”): an individual who knows the code word.
  • Code word: an alphanumeric character sequence.
  • Free Product: Dr. Web Security Space or Dr.Web Mobile Security, authorized for ninety (90) days of use.
  • Renewal Product: Dr.Web Security Space or Dr.Web Mobile Security for one (1) year, two (2) or three (3) years, acquired at a renewal discount. The size of the discount depends on the term length of the renewal license.

Conditions for receiving the Free Product

  1. The right to receive the Free Product is available to all those who know the code word in the manner stipulated under these Conditions.
  2. To receive the Free Product, the Recipient must:
    • Enter the code word, his/her name or Internet alias, and an email address into the form at
  3. After the form has been filled out, the Free Product’s serial number will be sent to the email address specified by the Recipient.
  4. The Free Product’s serial number is valid (authorized to be used) for ninety (90) days, a term that starts as soon as the serial number is sent to the Recipient (i.e., the serial number is activated before it is sent).
  5. One Recipient is entitled to receive only one (1) Free Product with one code word.
  6. The code word has an expiration date that is mentioned in the sources in which the User finds information about this code word (gift card, advertisement, etc.).
  7. The Recipient is entitled to receive one Free Product in exchange for one (1) code word only while the offer to accept the Conditions is valid.
  8. Under the Conditions, one Recipient is entitled to receive only one (1) Free Product no more than one (1) time per year.
  9. By using the Free Product, the Recipient is expressing his/her agreement to receive special messages from the Right Holder and renewal discount messages via the email specified by the Recipient during registration.
  10. If the Recipient unsubscribes from the emails specified in the preceding clause, the Recipient’s serial number will be blocked, and the Recipient will not be able to use the Free Product.
  11. In the event possible violations of these Conditions on the part of the Recipient are discovered, the Right Holder is entitled to not send the Free Product’s serial number to the Recipient and to block any previously sent serial number for the Free Product.

Conditions for receiving the Renewal Product

  1. The Recipient of the Free Product has the right to renew the product for one (1), two (2) or three (3) years at a discount.
  2. The Recipient must purchase the Renewal Product and register the new serial number before the Free Product expires.
  3. If the Renewal Product is purchased but the serial number is registered after the Free Product expires, the Renewal Product’s term length will be reduced by 150 (one hundred and fifty) days..
  4. The Renewal Product can be purchased at a discount via the eStore or from Doctor Web partners. To receive a discount, the Renewal Wizard must be used.

Technical support

Users of the Free Product can receive support while their serial number is valid only via the Forum and the FAQ. The Free Product comes without the services of technical specialists.

Other conditions

The Right Holder reserves the right to change the Conditions at any time without prior notice.