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Name How win a trophy?

На Парнас!

Персональный трофей для участника сообщества Dr.Web под псевдонимом Biggurza за нетривиальные способности к стихосложению.


Для тех, кто бдит за тех, кто в дозоре.


Awarded to authors of Anti-virus Times issues

Very severe critic

This trophy does not require further explanations:)


For participants who have experience maintaining information security, and who are willing to share it with other members of the Dr.Web community.


For humiliating and provocative comments in respect to other community participants.


Become a WebIQmeter project developer

Золотое перо

First swallow

Awarded to a user who registers the first license in the Dr.Web+Me programme


Персональный трофей участнику Шалтай Александр Болтай (г. Тюмень, участник с сентября 2013) за изюминку в комментариях выпусков АВП в виде анекдотов.

Tuning fork

Awarded to those participants of the Dr.Web community who leave their useful, important, friendly comments, and help us not go off the course.

Persona non grata

Awarded to users who are excluded from the project due to their disgraceful behaviour and aggression towards other community participants and Doctor Web.

Truth lover

Awarded to those who have read 10 Anti-virus Times issues.


Персональный трофей участнику SGES (г. Улан-Удэ, участник сообщества с марта 2013) за сопровождение всех выпусков АВП подходящими по смыслу русскими пословицами.

Spread the word

Awarded to those who’ve shared a link to an Anti-virus Times issue via Twitter.


The trophy is awarded to users who pass a DWCERT-030 test

Tuppence worth

The participant's feedback about the project is published

100 cheers

Awarded for passing one hundred tests

I'm smart

The participant's WebIQ is 67-90


Awarded for invaluable assistance in the preparation of messages of the day and close attention to every date in the IT security history.

Twenty conquered

Awarded for passing 20 tests

The Mayans were wrong

Awarded to everyone who visited WebIQmeter on December 21, 2012

Never give up

Awarded for three failed tests in a row

Truth seeker

Awarded for suggesting a topic for an upcoming issue or making any other creative suggestion for the Anti-virus Times project

Guardian of truth

For leaving 10 comments on Anti-virus Times issues


Awarded to winners of an auction

Measured seven times

Awarded to users who placed 7 bets during 7 auctions, and never won

Truth teller

For sharing links on Facebook to 10 or more Anti-virus Times issues

First violin

This trophy can be lost. Awarded to those who leave the most comments on Anti-virus Times issues.

One hundred club

This trophy is granted to users who’ve left comments on 100 Anti-virus Times issues in a row.

On the same wavelength

Awarded to those who share Doctor Web's view of information security.

Seasoned member

Awarded to users who registered 365 days ago

Staff correspondent

Awarded to users who leave comments on the pages of Doctor Web's site and the Anti-virus Times that indicate real interest in the topic covered.


You've become the10,000th WebIQmeter participant

Indiana Jones

The Commander-in-Chief. Awarded for life


Awarded for perseverance and tenacity


You've become the 20,000th WebIQmeter participant

Well versed in IT security

The participant's webIQ is 50-75


Awarded for passing the first test

The first five

Awarded for passing five tests

For those who care

This trophy is awarded to users" who play an active and enthusiastic role" in the"Dr.Web"community

Right? Yes!

Awarded to those users who are interested in the Anti-virus Times project, and who leave their feedback to administrators to improve the project.

Quick thinker

The participant was the fastest at passing all the project's tests. This trophy can be won and later lost...

I'm online

Awarded to users who leave the first comment on news posts.


Awarded to users who light up our lives.

I keep on betting, no matter what

Awarded to users who’ve placed ten bets and never won


This trophy is awarded to users who pass a DWCERT-00X test

I vote for Dr.Web!

Awarded to those who voted for Dr.Web

A tenacious one.

Awarded for passing 20 tests in a row. And with a single attempt!!!

150 going! 150 going!

Awarded to participants of an auction

I'm a genius

The participant's WebIQ is above 91.

Happy Birthday!!!

A birthday gift


Awarded to users who’ve left comments on all the news posts that have been published since they registered. The rolling trophy (this trophy can be lost)

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