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Rules for leaving comments about Doctor Web news items

  1. Comments (posts) written wholly or partly in the uppercase won't be published nor will those that are technically incorrect, including:
    • Exact duplicates of other posts (comments)
    • Posts whose encoding doesn't match the site's encoding.
    • Posts that distort the way the site is perceived and do not fit into its design.
    • Posts without text or any other content.
  2. Abusive language and wording that may offend another person and/or a group of persons, harm the honour and dignity and business reputation of a third party and/or groups of persons, and may offend the national or religious feelings of a person and/or a group of persons (in any language, in any encoding, in any part of the message — text, captions, etc.) are prohibited.
  3. It is also not allowed to post comments aimed at inciting social, ethnic, sexual, or religious hatred and intolerance in any form as well as calls for discrimination in any form as defined by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  4. It is also prohibited to post messages that explicitly or indirectly call for the Russian Federation’s legislation to be violated or contain descriptions or instructions to carry out illegal activities including ways to avoid liability for violating any laws.
  5. Off-topic message(s) are not permitted nor are forms of misconduct within the Internet space such as flame, spam, or flood.

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