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  1. Auctions are held once a month.
  2. During an auction, participants compete for artefacts that they can win in exchange for points and Dr.Weblings.
  3. If two or more participants offer an equal number of points and Dr.Weblings for an artefact, the participant who has a greater number of tests in the status "Passed" wins the prize. If such there is more than one such a participant, the participant who has a greater number of Dr.Weblings (both active and inactive) wins. If still there are several participants claiming the same price and having the same figures, the one who entered the auction first becomes a winner. Otherwise, there may be several winners.
  4. Points and Dr.Weblings spent by a winner in the auction, become inactive.
  5. Artefacts are only delivered within the Russian Federation.
  6. If a participant is not a citizen of Russia, he or she can get his artefact by indicating a delivery address on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  7. The participant may also pick up the artifact in Doctor Web's office if they first notify Doctor Web via a feedback form in their personal area.

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