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Getting the 150 Dr.Web bonus days: How it works

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Today we are going to answer a question that is always on the minds of our customers: How does one get the 150 bonus days for registering two Dr.Web serial numbers consecutively? Even though we’ve already provided the answer to that question in the FAQ section, users never stop asking our support engineers about the bonus.

Let’s start with the rules.

To get 150 extra days added to the term of your license, the following conditions must be met:

  • The license you register first must have a validity period of 3 months or longer.
  • The license you register second must have a validity period of at least 12 months or longer.

Note! Even if the first license was originally activated on one computer, it can still be used to get the bonus on another machine. This may come in handy if your old PC has broken down.

Also note that:

  • The second license can be registered either while the first license is still valid or after it has expired.
  • If the first license you want to register is expired, it cannot have been renewed previously.
  • If you have two licenses, you don't need to wait until your first license expires. You can register them both right away.
  • That way the first license will be blocked, and the second one will become active and have a validity period equal to the two licenses’ terms added together plus the bonus days.

Here are a few examples:

  • If a user has two 6-month licenses, registers one of them, and then uses the other one to renew it, the license periods will be added together, but no bonus will be provided.
  • If a user has a 3-month license and a 12-month license, registers the 3-month license first, and then uses the 12-month license to renew the 3-month license, the two license periods will be added together, and the user will get the 150 bonus days. If the licenses are registered in reverse order, their validity periods will be added together, but no bonus will be granted.
  • If a user has two licenses (one with a validity period of 1 month and one with a validity period of no more than 12 months), registers one of them and then uses the other one to renew the first one, the license periods will be added together, but no bonus will be provided.

Now let's see how the bonus is actually acquired.

The conditions outlined above indicate that we have two main scenarios:

  1. The first license is already active (or expired) when the second license is activated.
  2. Both of the licenses have yet to be activated.

In general, these situations are similar. Just always remember: If you are installing the product, you can immediately specify the first license (whose validity period must be 3 months or longer) instead of waiting until later to enter both of the numbers in the License Manager. That way the procedure is shortened by several clicks. ☺

How can you find out whether you have a valid license? That's easy: click on the Dr.Web spider icon in the system tray, and in the drop-down menu, select License.

The menu that appears while the license is still valid


The menu that appears after the license has expired or if no license information is available


And you can also get detailed information about your license by selecting the corresponding menu item in the License Manager.


Have you looked at the screenshot carefully? Can this license be used to get the bonus?

If none of your licenses have been activated yet, you can start by activating the first one.

  1. In the License Manager window, click the Buy or activate new license button.


  2. The Registration Wizard dialogue will open. Enter the serial number.


    Because you are activating a license for the first time, in the next window, select I don't have previous license.


  3. Fill out the registration form, and click Next.


  4. You have successfully activated your license. Press OK.



After the activation is complete, go back to the License Manager.


To activate your second license, press the Buy or activate new license button again, and repeat the steps described above. The only difference is that in the +150 days to your license dialogue box, you need to select I will specify the previous license, and enter the previously activated serial number in the next window.


The procedure will still work even if the first license was activated on another computer—perhaps, you’re transferring your key file to a new machine after your old machine broke down. So you can specify a key file as well as a serial number.



An important note. Provided it is still valid, the first license remains active for a certain amount of time after the second license is activated. The second license only becomes active after the first one is blocked.

Checking whether the bonus days have been added to your license’s validity period is also easy: the validity period of your second license will grow by the number of days left on your first license plus the 150-day bonus!


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