Checkmate in one move!

Viruses persist in your network? Your anti-virus is running blind? Win an exchange and solve your network security problems!

Starting January 18, 2010 and until March 1, 2010 an anti-virus exchange brings a victory! Sacrifice your incapable anti-virus and close the gap in your defence with the next move!

Register and exchange your unreliable anti-virus for Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite with 40 % off the price and use Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite for the remainder of your current anti-virus license period for free!*

*Maximum Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite license term can be 3 years.

This action has ended!

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Doctor Web is a Russian IT-security solutions vendor. Dr.Web anti-virus software has been developed since 1992. The Russian IT security services market leader, Doctor Web was the first vendor to offer an anti-virus as a service in Russia. The company also offers proven anti-virus and anti-spam solutions for businesses, government entities, and personal use. We have a solid record of detecting malicious programs, and we adhere to all international security standards. Doctor Web has received numerous certificates and awards; our satisfied customers spanning the globe are clear evidence of the complete trust customers have in our products.