10.16.2014 – 10.31.2014

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The Dancing Men or the Encryption Trojan Invasion

The scale of the disaster

The first encryption Trojans appeared in 2006-2007.

Since January 2009, the number of varieties of these Trojans has increased by about 1 900%!

Currently, Trojan.Encoder programs are one of the most dangerous threats to users. This Trojan family includes several thousand modifications.

Criminals often sell the source code of encryption Trojans on underground forums for as much as several thousand dollars. This also contributes to the wide dissemination of this malware.

Construction kits that enable criminals to craft new Trojans also boost their proliferation.

Since mid-April 2013, Doctor Web's virus laboratory has received more than 6,500 decryption requests to restore files affected by Trojan encoders.

On average, how many decryption requests
does Doctor Web's virus laboratory receive on a daily basis?