10.16.2014 – 10.31.2014

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The Dancing Men or the Encryption Trojan Invasion

The terms

conveying the non-exclusive right to use Dr.Web anti-virus software (SW) to visitors of www.drweb.com/drweb+rbc6 (hereinafter, 'Terms')

The time frame within which the terms can be accepted is 10.16.2014-10.31.2014, inclusive.
The Terms remain in force from 10.16.2014-10.31.2014, inclusive.

  • The Right Holder — Doctor Web Ltd., located at 2-12A, 3rd Yamskogo polya str., Moscow, Russia.
  • The official web page where Dr.Web serial numbers are issued is the web page located on the Internet at www.drweb.com/drweb+rbc6 and containing the Terms under which serial numbers are issued.
  • A person receiving a link to purchase to the Promo Software for Home (or the Receiver) is a natural person who visits www.drweb.com/drweb+rbc6 and fulfils all the requirements set out herein.
  • Home Product with Added Bonus means Dr.Web Security Space for a term of one year for one, two, or three PCs, with 3 bonus months to protect one computer running Windows, macOS or Linux, and one mobile device running Android, BlackBerry.

Terms for acquiring the promotional home product

  1. The right to receive a Home Product with Added Bonus is given to individuals, who visit www.drweb.com/drweb+rbc6.
  2. To acquire a Home Product with Added Bonus, the Receiver must:
    • Take the test atwww.drweb.com/drweb+rbc www.drweb.com/drweb+rbc6 and answer all five questions correctly.
    • Once the test is completed, select a license for the Home Product with Added Bonus and click on a link to buy it.
  3. The Home Product with Added Bonus can only be acquired while the Terms are valid.

Other conditions

The Rights Holder reserves the right to change the Terms at any time without prior notice.