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Has the long-discussed commercialization of virus writing become a reality?

There was a time when virus and malicious software creators were single programmers. Today virus writing is a well-organized criminal business. Many highly skilled software developers are working in this field. Their viruses are designed to steal money, spy on potential victims, and perpetrate DOS attacks.

Among them, Trojan.Carberp is currently the most successful and dangerous. An organized criminal group works to develop and "promote" the Trojan, with the developers located in one country; the servers that distribute the Trojan in another; the organizers in a third country; and the "partners," who purchase a botnet segment for criminal use, located in multiple countries.

The program is constantly upgraded by its creators, and new Trojan versions are churned out. Every day dozens of entries of Trojan.Carberp are added into Doctor Web virus databases. And that’s only one Trojan modification...


New viruses go undetected for some time by anti-virus programs. Who’s to blame for this?

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